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Comments for 'A Lone Soldier's Log'

8:31 pm | July 18, 2004
Oh, and no hard feelings Dave Luck and Awacar, but excuse me for not knowing that i was being judged by readers with writing skills equivalent to JRR Tolkien. I mean it's not like the people who submit fanfics are trying to set a record with a great book, they're really just trying to make a story and get someone who's browsing around H.B.O.'s attention. If you want a "tremendously (n00b,newb) free story, than why don't you get up out of your computer chair and ride up to the nearest Book a Million. As i said before, i definetly am a n00b at writing story's, but i just thought maybe someone out there, like russ687 and KilltheMonitor, would have some tips instead of "my eyes are bleeding because of all these newbs"...but no hard feelings of course
7:06 pm | July 18, 2004
Thanks for the comments. The story was just an idea my friend had, and infact my first. Yes Dave Luck, you can call me a n00b because i pretty much am....considering this is my First story but i do appreciate your oppinion b/c without it I wouldn't get any better. Check out this author for a great story though: Havok. He has great storys and in my opinion, the best is HellJumpers
Slit Throat
11:51 am | July 16, 2004
Define good. :(
A Fan
12:05 am | July 15, 2004
F-a-n Fan yep that's me A Fan.*___* good story
7:24 pm | July 14, 2004
: Yup. It's not my monitor that's giving me a headache, it's n00bs.

Monitors are aspirins compared to n00bs, me thinks.

Sorry for not reading the story, ...eyes... bleeeed... tooo... ouch... much...
MC's Cousin
7:21 pm | July 14, 2004
You know, Dave Luck, I've been wondering that for an awfully long time. But, apparently, they don't feel the need to, ultimately making it harder on them later on.
The story was fair. But I wasn't to keen on the format. The whole journal thing warranted a fairly shortened account, but in the siutation you used, it really only went to make the story worse.
If you had gone into more detail, and further explained more situations, it could have turned into a better series of battle sequences.

Signing Off

Dave Luck
6:23 pm | July 14, 2004




How come nobody ever bothers to read the Damn guidelines?

Yup. It's not my monitor that's giving me a headache, it's n00bs.
11:44 am | July 14, 2004
I thought it was good,except the no seperation of paragraphs keep going on it and you'll sucseed

p.s ive decided to become a cridic instead of a writter russ
4:23 am | July 14, 2004
7:53 pm | July 13, 2004
Good idea to write about, but wrong way to write it. Use the code or at least put spaces between paragraphs and dialogue, you will have a higher reader turn-out and less negative comments.