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Comments for '6 Way War Ch. 3: Bloodshed continues...'

2:56 am | April 17, 2003
Hey, so sorry to here that Louis Wu is stoppig you from posting fanfiction! I was really looking forward to reading the rest of your series! When you find more suitable site to post fanfiction on, please post the adress here.
12:20 am | April 13, 2003
Just posted it. Part four will be here once Louis Wu posts it.

Funny, Louis Wu is the character from one of my favorite books Ringworld. haha, Ringworld Halo, haha. But Louis Wu of all the characters, In the book Louis Wu is a whore. Actually in Ringworld Engineers, the second book he's more of a whore.

ANyhow, at least i finally got it done.

2:47 am | April 12, 2003
Tanj dammit! I'm almost done. I'm half way done with the last page. JESUS!
9:23 pm | April 11, 2003
Yo, you haven't submitted anything in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time! The longer the gaps are in between parts, the more readers lose intrest in your story! (Trust me, that's how i lost all my intelegent readers in my first series)!
5:29 pm | April 6, 2003
I don't know! I haven't been typing that much lately. I don't type up this story every waking moment! geez! (no I don't know exactly when the next part is going to be here.)
7:26 pm | April 5, 2003
By the way, when will the next part be here?
7:14 pm | April 5, 2003
TANJ! I must concur with Demo here. But still, it's not ALL athiests, it's just this one maddam whats-her-name craphead. She's probably a devil worshiper or something:

"At last, i have succeded in wiping out prayer from public schools and buisneses! Next i'll ban christianity all together! Muahahahaha!"
Yep, sounds like her.

Oh by the way, humans aren't necessarily an "innocent" species. We've had wars with each other but you never hear of the covenant having a war with themselves!
8:24 pm | April 4, 2003
You now, this kinda realates to whats going on here. The covenant just have religous beliefs, just like we believe in God (for us christains that is) Those darn Atheists are trying to take away everything thing that makes us christain, when we aren't bothered by other people religious beliefs, we don't try to ban anything that realates to their religion in any way. It's a bunch of bull Sh*t if you ask me. I might not beleive in Santa, but I don't try to stop christmas. I'm not Jewish, but I don't try to stop Haunaka (that's misspelled I know) One little kid saying one little prayer at school isn't going to shake the earth off of its support beams. It's so tanj stupid! The atheists don't even bother with any other religion other than Christains. It's just so tanj UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! We have freedom of religion in america, meaning those DAMN atheists are doing something against the frickin bill of rights. I tanj hate it. The only thing bothering me about covenant is that their religion involves killing inoccent species. Our founding fathers probably are looking down from heaven in DISGUST!

Just giving my opinion,
1:08 am | April 3, 2003
Hey cool, someone who agrees with me about the covenant actually being good! Very few fanfiction authors agree with that theory! Then again, most of them don't care about theories, they just pack as much gore and bloodshed into their fanfiction as possible.
1:08 am | April 3, 2003
Finnaly, more about the Itinerants!
8:29 pm | April 1, 2003
Sorry I've been on vacation for a few weeks, and I haven't gotten any work done for a while. Sorry for the inconveniance. Also, I missed a day of school so I have a bit of extra homework. $%^*&... Oh well, I'll get over it.... and also, The covenant are only bad to US. If we were covenant, we would think the humans are bad. I'm trying to keep some characters on all sides. I have 343 GS, I have Redo, I have Alvy, I have the queen Pahcs, I have Cro, and thats it. The only actually evil characters are the flood and the Itinerants. ....Tanj flood.... I have at LEAST one main character on each side, other than Itinerants and flood.
11:21 pm | March 22, 2003
DON'T DO IT!!! keep them the same... Keep them good... But in any case, when is the next part coming around?
9:09 pm | March 12, 2003
If ya like a lot of blood play Turok. Now that's a gory game...
9:08 pm | March 12, 2003
It's just sorta like a break from the storyline. If you know what I mean. The main part that was of the storyline was the introduction of Cro. Cro is to become a main character on the covenant side. Hehehe.
8:33 pm | March 12, 2003
I thought it was a little fast, but nothing too unbearable... Nice job.
4:45 am | March 12, 2003
what a title. now thats how u get halo players interested. bloood.......
4:07 am | March 12, 2003
Way too many things happening all at once. Slow down.