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Comments for '5 Way War Part VII: Redo's new life'

3:09 am | March 14, 2003
Oh, by the way, Dispraiser, I must compliment you! You obviously have a strong influence! Demo here is showing Marine the same thing you taught him in his old comment section! Good job!
3:06 am | March 14, 2003
Demosthnes, your starting to act like ol' Dispraiser now. Bear with me man, you'll recover in time!
3:15 am | March 10, 2003
HEHE sorry m8 no time today I'll make sure I get around to it. Hmmm maybe probably not though late tomorrow night if I'm lucky school is killer when your failing two classes...
7:59 pm | March 9, 2003
What I owuld have done... Had he left out comment about tommorow of course.... However, while I accept comments like "Good story" and stuff I will never find useful, I, like Demo here, would rather see someone tell me what sucks.
5:33 pm | March 9, 2003
I can't believe I didn't realize.... he was winding me up.........
5:21 pm | March 9, 2003
Well, I know it's great, but also, I would like to know why they liked it. They can put that if they like, but it does me no good. but what is more useless is how people just say, This sux, or that was bad" and etc. It's just showing you don't want to take the time to put in an intellegent comment. I just hate it when people put in pathetic little bad comments (I don't mind as much if you put "It was good, or I liked it" as much as "This sux.") I'd much rather know why people dislike my story in any way. it helps us authors to know what they need to be more careful to correct. About constructive compliments, well, that helps us authors know what they should put more of in. or what to put more of that is similar in. Praise only supports us to write more, and bad compliments that are pathetic have no effect. Please be more descriptive and intellegent with these comments. I still respect your right to put whatever you want in, but try to explain to me.It would help a lot. And I'm not trying to nag or anything, it's just those comments don't have as much good in them. Please put whatever, but I urge you to place intellectual and constructive critisism or compliments. Thank you,
Traumatised Marine
5:06 pm | March 9, 2003
And what's wrong with just pure praise? It's great!
Traumatised Marine
5:03 pm | March 9, 2003
Sarge was winding you up, you dipstick!

I'm going to print this whole series and read it because I'll give myself eye problems trying to read it off the screen. I'll send you those 'constructive criticisms' ASAP.
3:20 pm | March 9, 2003
Now, this is one of those comments like I liked it, or Wow it was good. Try telling me why you liked it and actually read it before posting a pathetic comment. Comments like "I liked it" It was good" or "it sux" or "It was bad" do me NO use.
3:15 am | March 9, 2003
I liked it it was good ;-) (Ill read it tomorrow)
1:54 am | March 9, 2003
Ahhhhh...... glad to finally finish this series. Please tell me what you think of these last two parts ( and PLEASE use constructive critisism. Not just "This sux" or "that was bad" and also don't just say "I liked it" or "Wow it was good" be constructive and tell me why you liked or disliked it.)