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Comments for '5 Way War Part III: Covenant revenge.'

12:09 pm | January 27, 2003
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH......... it's good to be back. Well I'm not really back because I don't live in the same house I used to live in, which is why I haven't done anything lately. Also why Part IV hasn't come already. I now live in an entirely different state. I've had my computer unplugged for weeks, and for a week I haven't been able to get my internet to work. Anyhow, I'm just glad I'm back and able to write and read fanfics. sorry if I made you mad or anything Dispraiser, but I'm going to read the next part of yours right after I post this comment. Also part IV is almost done, and will HOPEFULLY be here in a few days or so. ^_^
12:31 pm | January 20, 2003
See spot run? Damn neo HOP readers. See spot run was the first non-high-author written peices that small children read. They would see simple sentance structure, mostsentances being as simple as "See spot? Spot is a dog. Spot the dog ran across the street. ect." Anyhow, Demosthenes, could you read my Starjacked Part Three for me? It got buried in a landslide of fanfics a while back, which really sucks... But if you can't, oh well...
4:48 pm | January 18, 2003
Good book once again. I am impressed. Also, Anonymous is a mindless imbicile. I mean, he can't even think of a name!
3:47 am | January 16, 2003
Also I don't know what see spot run is, unless you mean the movie. Of course you can't read a movie, so I have no idea what see spot run is, but according to what you've said, It's a kiddy book
3:40 am | January 16, 2003
I don't care if their confused because I'm a good writer. Thats just stupid. Thier just stupid.
3:40 am | January 16, 2003
At least you read it Disprasier. Also I found something in your story that can confuse some people, like anonymous
2:14 am | January 14, 2003
shove it up your ass anonymous!!!
11:28 pm | January 13, 2003
War and Peace was boring, it was a complete waste of my time...

As for Stephen Hawkings "Universe in a Nutshell" I found that very interesting...
3:47 am | January 13, 2003
By the way Demosthenes, don't let their ignorance push you around, write like you would to someone who can read it. I do. I write big long things, and though people protest, their replies, even if they read it all are of no worth. Only the one who reads it all has a post that is truely worth considering. Some people I would reccomend to read your stories are Saturn and Dirtie Commie. They are both pretty good at reading things taht are more complex that See Spot Run.
3:36 am | January 13, 2003
Sorry if his story confused you Anonymous, but where I come from that is called descriptivness. Anyway, I read it, and it had a good story to it. Unfortuantly, you used a little complex of words to suit your target audience. Think War and Peace versus Spot the Red Dog. Which do you think that these people would rather read?
2:57 pm | January 12, 2003
Your story sucked...

It used too many words...