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Comments for 'No Dice'

8:44 pm | January 10, 2003
Well actually awesome is a stupid word. Something like cool, cept better...
5:53 am | January 7, 2003
You have read and reveiwed a few of mine, so I decided to check into this one. Awesome. Simply awesome.
4:03 pm | December 31, 2002
Igging go into the Archives thats where the good stuff is look up some of the older writers(in hbo years that is). Jaywhit, Panzer, some others too go back there and read some of the good stuff hidden away.
Dirty Commie
9:35 pm | December 30, 2002
Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Btw, this is a stand alone story, not a series, since you all are so eager to know.
8:26 pm | December 30, 2002
oh well read s0omething good like fallen angel or el halo diablos new series which is hopefully coming out soon
11:06 pm | December 29, 2002
I've only looked at a few of the fanfics on this site, and nothing has been this good. I wrote: "Best piece of writing I'VE SEEN," learn to read man.
8:39 pm | December 29, 2002
deffinitly not the best but good
8:23 pm | December 29, 2002
hehe...i laugh at your foolishness Iggins...it was good, but not "easily the best piece" on this site, by far...
9:13 pm | December 28, 2002
pretty good too bad its not reciving the attention it diserves
7:27 pm | December 28, 2002
Wow, easily the best piece of writing I've seen on this site, well done.