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Comments for 'The Hephaestus Equation IV'

10:02 pm | December 18, 2002
Nice... Good with metaphors and similies... Lots of them... I like stories that are more believable than most the others. The ones I generally hate are ones where MC is the main charater, they can't spell at all (typos are ok though, like taht and hte), or a normal marine bolts into the room and kills an entire covenant armada. It just doesn't work that way. Yours does none of that stuff, so good work...
Dirty Commie
2:48 am | December 15, 2002
Frickin thanks part 5 is about half a page from completion
August Winterman
1:52 am | December 15, 2002
This entire series is one fricking kool piece of work. I only wish my fan-fiction (uncompleted) was half as fricking kool as this. Please finish this story, cuz you got major talent.