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Comments for 'The flood: a force to be reckoned with: Part 3'

6:52 am | August 17, 2003
haha, yeah u did thanx heapz man. i've gotta get my lazy ass movin and write part 4 lol.
12:27 am | August 17, 2003
I inspired you? I'm touched, I really am touched.
12:25 am | August 17, 2003
I'm back again, and I would just like to say that Ps2SuXaSs is a pretty cool name... no offense, PS2 fans, but XBox just blows it away.
7:44 am | August 2, 2003
thanx alpha lance
Alpha Lance
4:17 pm | July 29, 2003
I'll comment you man.And I have to say,that was
good.And you said your storys suck.Well it,do
not suck,great job essay.Sweet!;D
5:31 am | July 25, 2003
i'm impatient:P
5:29 am | July 25, 2003
is anyone else gonna comment?
7:26 am | July 24, 2003
great story 9.5/10 cant wait 4 the next 1. This series has started to form together now, so i'm expecting the next 1 is goin 2 be cool. by the way, i'm pretty sure "peace out, punk on" is from Blink 182.
5:00 am | July 24, 2003
oh and i would like to thank madjackal again, because he inspired me 2 write a 3rd installmant. thanx dude.
4:41 am | July 24, 2003
thanx madjackal.... uh yeah ishka, punk on lol, i dunno i heard that somewhere...:P
12:03 am | July 24, 2003
Punk on?
8:24 pm | July 23, 2003
Great, I liked it. This series is getting more interesting as it goes along. Looks like an epic battle coming up between the Flood and the Covenant. I'm looking forward to part 4.