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Comments for 'The dank, dank, swamp: a comedy poem'

4:18 am | March 22, 2004
Lol, that was quite amusing. I liked how it went from what could have been a grim, serious poem to a lighthearted one. Good job.
12:15 pm | February 1, 2004
Well, This one didn't make me laugh, but it put a smile on my face, and thats more then I can say for most things. :D I liked it. Hehehehehe.
1:34 am | February 1, 2004
well i guess i coulda gone into a little bit more detail, but oh well, its all good i guess =P
CoLd BlooDed
6:31 pm | January 31, 2004
Yeah, the exploding Jackal and Grunts part was cool, it gave me a mental picture of the Carrier forms (I like to call them cawliflower men if thats how you spell it) when they explode.

It wasn't that gruesome, besides, gruesome is good. :P
1:07 pm | January 31, 2004
that was pretty funny
12:49 pm | January 31, 2004
Nice story. LOL

have any of you heard of Agent SHade lately. Where is he/
12:17 pm | January 31, 2004
hehe, just thought i'd make a change of pace from my fan fics =P hope everyone liked this =)
9:22 am | January 31, 2004
i meant the alien movies were sweet lol
9:15 am | January 31, 2004
haha yeah they're sweet. I've gotta know, did ya like that exploding jackals and grunt part? i was feeling gruesome at that time lolz
CoLd BlooDed
9:06 am | January 31, 2004
Naw, it don't suck, its actually pretty entertaining, I love the fanfics on HBO that have to do with the Flood.

Reminds me of the "Alien" movies...:P
8:46 am | January 31, 2004
yeah i'll stay with it, and i'm sure you'll think of something =) Hope you stay on my story too, even though it sucks lolz =P
CoLd BlooDed
8:46 am | January 31, 2004
I hope you stick along with the series I'm currently making, and I have another idea for a new series. I'm just not exactly sure of the twist in the story and setting.
8:28 am | January 31, 2004
hahaha, yeah well i know that my first 3 to 4 stories sucked really bad, but i've been fairly happy with the way 5 and 6 came out. and yeah i just wrote that poem for fun =P
CoLd BlooDed
7:38 am | January 31, 2004
I just noticed that this is your first series ever on HBO.

You've been doing good, however, for me I am just starting my 2nd page! :D
6:08 am | January 31, 2004
oh crap i just realised that i mispelled deep. and it was the first word too, dammit. Ah well, at least peepz thought it was funny =P
6:02 am | January 31, 2004
yeah i did =D that was sweet as, i really like the rebel theme to it, and i've always liked stories where the covies n humans work together. So, yeah i really enjoyed it =)
CoLd BlooDed
2:08 am | January 31, 2004
It was good. I had to reread the last stanza and then I laughed, LOL, good stuff.

Oh yeah, did you get a chance to read my next Forced Betrayal?
1:41 am | January 31, 2004
woah dude, flooky as =P how'd ya like this anyway?
CoLd BlooDed
1:36 am | January 31, 2004
I've talked to him recently, he said he has been having a writers block and is getting a job so its less time for him to write stories.
1:36 am | January 31, 2004
i thought i saw a comment on a story from him not long ago, i think he's still around, but he hasn't submitted any stories lately so i'm not sure sorry. Anyways, glad you liked it =)
10:25 pm | January 30, 2004
That gave me a good laugh =P
11:01 am | January 30, 2004
very creative, not much else to say keep up the good work?