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Comments for 'The Wanderers Chapter 3'

1:44 pm | July 5, 2003
RIP Chris =[
Golden Elite
1:33 pm | July 5, 2003
Rest In Peace Chris.
9:23 pm | October 1, 2002
WTF, such a good story such a long time, i wish you (the autor) could make morfe parts, wow!
1:50 am | January 27, 2002
Yeesh, Louis, you're getting complacent with age :P
Chris Cox
5:51 pm | January 26, 2002
I thought I remembered putting them in. :) Cheers.
Louis Wu
3:54 pm | January 26, 2002
My fault. There were indents in the original - I managed to lose 'em.They're back, now.
3:09 am | January 26, 2002

"Okay, so, like I was walking down this street one day, and suddenly I turned around and I was like damn! 'Cause there was this god-awesome fan-fiction just sitting there, like totally minding its own business, and. . ."

You continue to impress, Chris. Great writing, sharp dialogue, and a compelling plot - this one kicks as it goes down :) Keep it up.

One quibble. Isn't there any way you could indent your paragraphs? I assume it just got lost somewhere in the process, but it makes it sort of a pain to read. If this is at all possible, please, do so :)

- Pepˇ la Vec