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Comments for 'Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 7'

CoLd BlooDed
1:18 am | December 9, 2003
Good, but I'm going to have to read the other chapters to find out whats happening. But otherwise its still good, 8.8/10.
11:06 pm | December 7, 2003
I think I've had this series since like early or mid october... Im submit my finale tomorrow probobly...I hope that gets some comments because I know people read this series...Just never speak up....And thanks Odin...Your series has a good concept, and I liek it so I hope you dont stop writing.
6:26 am | December 7, 2003
thanks for readin my stuff man
ur writins not bad at all
dosent seem to get many comments tho
how long have ya had this series?
12:58 pm | December 6, 2003
ok i got half of what you said....but you confused me now...So ask that question again but a little slower.
12:58 pm | December 6, 2003
And by the way, that was sorta supposed to through you guys (the readers) off, and kinda allow you to have your own opinion...plus that also leaves room for a Halo 3 no? Its all in your minds people, not mine.
9:51 pm | December 5, 2003
This is so confusing! First 343 GS says that they are the Forerunner, but they say they aren't. Also if they told the chief, wouldn't history change unless he accidentally fires it.
6:33 pm | December 5, 2003
not bad not bad at all