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Comments for 'You'd Never Know'

4:54 am | December 5, 2003
Looks like thats all the comments Im gettin :( lol...
11:37 am | December 3, 2003
You shoulda called this one the "MC Rap". 9.5/10.
4:52 am | December 3, 2003
I dont really write them when Im bored. But this one I did...I also have another poem I wrote today, but Im not sure whether or not its any good, Ill think about it.
CoLd BlooDed
1:12 am | December 3, 2003
Pretty pimp, dude. This one is great as well as "The End". I hope no one says 'it wasn't connected', because this is easy to understand. 9/10.

P.S, lol just like you said, I write poems when I'm bored too.
10:32 pm | December 2, 2003
Thanks Jillybean...I always love getting praise lol. I also like yours...too bad you havent written more because Im sure they'd be good.
5:24 pm | December 2, 2003
I like. I really like.

It has a nice rhythm and there's something very pretty about it. I always love your poems