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Comments for 'Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 6'

11:03 pm | November 30, 2003
I really like Halo 2 Rise of a Hero, but one little thing: Forerunner is not made up by Bungie, one meaning is anscestor, so they might not be from the future. Your idea is another meaning of forerunner, so it could be correct
3:22 pm | November 30, 2003
keep that shit up those are great stories
8:33 am | November 30, 2003
The Time thing is. . . wierd, but the parallel dimension thing is interesting.

9:29 pm | November 29, 2003
The time travel thing isnt really gunna come into play that often or not much at all. I just included it because it explains the Forerunner. You'll learn more next chapter...Keep posting guys.
7:23 pm | November 29, 2003
Good job.

I had a time travel thing lined up, and it would have been cool and ironic and stuff.
6:04 pm | November 29, 2003
Well, in my personal opinion, I hate time travel plots. Hate them. Im sorry, but thats just my personal opinion. However the actuall writing is good, so I give this story an 8.9/10. It would have been higher, but I hate time travel plots (in case you hadnt figured it out yet ;)