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Comments for 'Fight For Her'

8:21 pm | December 1, 2003
I think this is better as a rap than a poem, it's real good anyway.
1:09 am | November 26, 2003
Heh...Thanks guys...and yeah that line was from independance day...but it fell into place with this poem so I added it in...Funny how school and homework works eh?
12:04 pm | November 25, 2003
Sweet simplicity! How long have I searched for thee?

Great work man, nice and easy does it.
4:00 am | November 25, 2003
Holy Crap!! Even Jamirus99 said this was good.
2:39 am | November 25, 2003

I shall soon hand over the baton of HBOieness to yee.
10:39 pm | November 24, 2003
Yes, I also noticed the allusion to Independence Day. I feel that this poem was the spirit of that same film translated to Halo.
4:07 pm | November 24, 2003
"Show that we will not go silently into the night", lol, from Independence Day.
Good poem, emotional and stuff like that, 9.5/10