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Comments for 'Misunderstood (Halo Rap)'

1:45 am | November 12, 2003
At least you got yours on the first page. Stupid huge batches....

Check the second page for goodies.
8:30 pm | November 11, 2003
good but it should be a peom not rap
5:46 pm | November 11, 2003
Brave... very brave.
1:32 pm | November 11, 2003
Yeah, I hate rap to. You should become a decent person and listen to rock.

As for these lyrics, they were kinda poem-ish, but otherwise they were decent enough...
3:45 am | November 11, 2003
Yeah...I realize it does sound like a poem...But I wrote it like a rap...Oh well, I cant change the title now.
3:18 am | November 11, 2003
ugh, i hate rap music, and hip hop...what's the difference between the two? it's just a bunch of guys yelling about...i dunno what they're yelling about, i can't even understand them...regardless, this did seem more like a poem, but you did well to impress me with your rhyming and little tale behind it...
Burnt Toast
1:34 am | November 11, 2003
Seems more like a poem. Oh well, keep up your work.