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Comments for 'Halo 2 Rise of a Hero'

4:00 am | November 15, 2003
ok the admral didnt know who masterchief even was at first the first thing wrong with that is he would know who mc was and second how could they be developing armor for him if they forgot he existed
9:45 pm | November 5, 2003
I know! What if the Longsword attached itself to a Covie ship mere seconds before it punched a hole in slip-space with an exit vector directed to Earth?

Or they might've boarded an enemy ship and taken it over, it didn't take that long to rescue Keyes. Of course the Covenant were trying to fight off the Flood and the MC at the same time . . .
5:21 pm | November 4, 2003
Take note. The CHief, even if he did gun it, would never reach Earth in time in a fighter. I know about the constant increase in acceleration what-not, but they still would not make unless there was a slip drive engine inside the fighter. Other than that and what the other mentioned, not that bad of a story.
9:13 pm | November 3, 2003
lol...yes i realize that 343 GS escaped, but im talkin human survivors. And GS comes into play leater on in the story. So dont mention him until you read on.
9:04 pm | November 3, 2003
Viruses are species....
7:50 pm | November 3, 2003
She could say 'sir' to be sarcastic, but I don't think she meant it like that.

Halo isn't known only as 'Halo', it's also known as 'Installation 004'.

The Flood aren't a species, they're a virus.

Cortana and the MC aren't the only survivors of the PoA detonation, 343 GS also escaped.

It was good. 7/10
9:40 pm | November 2, 2003
trekkin into some unknown teritory there. very bold, but i'm confident your on to something. just a few little things i noticed in an otherwise great chapter...

The Master Chief. is the embodiment of everything military. he's never known anything else. rules regulations, thats his thing, thats what he does. so, when he first met the admiral, he would have addresed him as sir. and probably broken his own arm with the effort of which he saluted him... lol
also, try to put a bit more into the docking sequences. i'm sure with planet earth under attack, they'd be more stringent then what you depicted.
and cortana would never say 'sir'. she is fiercely independant and all that new age woman crap. taken from a mental inprint of Dr Halsey... i just think it would go against her character to say sir....

loved the story
12:38 pm | November 2, 2003
Heh...dont ask me, ask bungie, remember how the chief is gunna sport MJOLINIR Mark VI? Well he is in halo 2, so ask bungie, not me. Im going to post chapter 2 now guys. It shud be up tomorrow.
Alpha Lance
6:00 am | November 2, 2003
Alright, nice going on the story. I thought the Chief was going to battle with the Marine talking then the quick transmission cut off. Then Cortana and the Chief tried to get there as fast as they can. Could had been a little more description, but hell, it was a great story.
10:43 pm | November 1, 2003
Good begining hope to see more soon. But why would somone develop armour for a person they thought were dead?
Grey Wolf
3:53 pm | November 1, 2003
Great, i wanna see some more of this series as soon as possible, i also wanna see how you describe fight scenes, that can usually rank a writers skill level. few spelling mistakes but otherwise excellent.
2:08 pm | November 1, 2003
Pretty good. My only thought is that the Admiral wouldn't take in th enews about Halo without SOME sort of proof. Videorecordings, ect.