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Comments for 'Now or Never'

4:28 am | July 9, 2004
Even ME wado? I dont think I made any rude comments yet to cause someone to leave.
Dave Luck
8:27 pm | June 24, 2004
I may be new, but just because I am new doesn't nessesarily mean I am a n00b. Check out:


Over the years, thoughout my travels, I have borne silent witness to many n00bs outside of Bungie.org. Although I may argue the point that the majority may be new and needing experience, now it has come to my understanding that n00bs are simply people whose niche has been to annoy those who follow internet ettiquette. Therefore, I cannot understand why we, as decent Bungie.org users should be suffering from a n00b's ignorance, and bending the very liscence agreements to the use of this particular site.

Anyhow, enough with the flowery talk!

I'd like to say this. How come I am new, yet I don't type like this...

I shall now attempt to type " I type like this." in n00b-tongue.


Anyhow, I figured that I must be some-sort of non-n00b. I guess a newbie is someone(like me) who is just new, and a n00b is someone who can be playing for an eternity, and still be terrible.

If you're ready to wage war against n00bs, count me in.


Onto the actual comments.

It's a great poem! I like it. I like the ryhming, but don't limit yourself to just ryhmes.


Oh, and if you are choosing which Spartan to role-play, I think Grace sounds awesome. I mean, she's the explosives specialist. I always wanted to be an explosive specialist when I grew up, but then I got sidetracked into the world of chemistry - and it rocks. Well, it rocks the laboratory when you put sodium in hydrogen cloride (Hydrochloric acid), and then try extinguishing the resulting fire with hydrogen peroxide (which your lab partner has foolishly placed where the beaker of water would be) when the oxygen tap has been left open, as well as the bunsen burner left on.
11:58 am | June 24, 2004
Fred-theif. *Blows raspberry, pouts*
4:59 am | June 24, 2004
I did...
since I left HBO and returned, all the regulars here seem to have overinflated heads and cause the newbs to leave...disgraceful.
2:27 am | June 24, 2004
did any of you read romac's final, goodbye rant?
12:34 am | June 24, 2004
I would see Walker as more of a Sam or Will.
9:12 pm | June 23, 2004
I got John.
9:03 pm | June 23, 2004
Naw...N00bs have us outnumbered, Outgunned, and have managed to overpower us...Much like the Covenant. We must be the Spartans...I call Fred!
Nick Kang
12:18 pm | June 23, 2004
Finally we may outnumber the n00bs...


3:12 am | June 23, 2004
Do thine eyes deceive thee? Walker has returned? Truly a day to remember. Both Wado and Walker have returned to us in the same week. A miracle I tell you, a blessed miracle.
3:02 am | June 23, 2004
Again, I wrote this a while ago...Think like November, maybe October. I dont even think I know what the hell "cadence" is.
9:30 pm | June 22, 2004
I liked it, but there was no real... cadence. It doesn't really flow, and you could have done it like this, Anglo-Saxon style:

The world is on fire; the earth is grim
situation is dire; doesn't really prim

Okay, that was shitty, but still...
Liked the last line, though.
2:42 pm | June 22, 2004
lol Sounds good bro...CoLd, we need some more poems from you man, yours were pretty good.
1:17 pm | June 22, 2004
I might even sign up as soon as I get my stories up and running again... at least, as up and running as they ever were, which means strung out two weeks at a time.
Nick Kang
12:52 pm | June 22, 2004
Okay, thanks Coviekilla, I'll check it out.

11:38 am | June 22, 2004
lol Walker..Thanks bro...You should join the FF Forum too....Or check it out at least.
CoLd BlooDed
3:23 am | June 22, 2004
That was awesome, always love your poems, man.
12:07 am | June 22, 2004
I did check it out. Very nice.
8:42 pm | June 21, 2004
Short and sweet.
8:40 pm | June 21, 2004
All through the poem I was thinking "average poem, he could have made this line better, that word sounds cheesy" and such nonsense, and then I actually finished the poem and realized how great it was. I especially liked the last line.

Keep it up.

8:24 pm | June 21, 2004
Dope, it was... lol..Thanks guys...Nick, you should check out my fan fiction forum I am running with Main and some other writers. Sign up and post away!


Keep them comments comin'.
3:48 pm | June 21, 2004
That was "Dope"
Nick Kang
2:36 pm | June 21, 2004
This was pretty cool. There were good rhymes and it drove a point home.