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Comments for 'Forgotten Angel Chapter 1 The Prophecy'

Josh Plev
12:38 pm | January 22, 2004
cool,cool. minimum, but good. dude, is this like the matrix or something? i swear this Danial guy is like a second morpheus. i thikn your story is inspired byt he matrix. but thats just me.
6:31 pm | January 18, 2004
LMFAO shade...Man, live is jokes...Ill see you 'round there man.
12:29 pm | January 17, 2004
Nice story. Hey, remember to instant message me about our....thing...ya know, THE thing (nudges towards ppl listing)

Peace Out
Agent Shade
5:21 am | January 17, 2004
you're a pussy DaXecutioner10 lol

keep writing
12:13 pm | January 16, 2004
nice... suspense... keep it up.
8/10 (little too short)
3:56 am | January 16, 2004
Shut up you! lol...Maybe Ill include it when we find out WHO the angel is, dingwad. heh...well thanks for the comments, keep em comin.
3:56 am | January 16, 2004
I miss the armory scene.
10:41 pm | January 15, 2004
nice to have you writing again. Damn humans are getting their collective asses kicked.