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Comments for 'A Rough Beginning Part 2'

Covie Armada
8:51 am | December 6, 2003
Hey Awesomedudeman or whatever the hell your name is, at least I can get to part two. Also I said 'general vicinity'-its not like im just stating the second level. So before you start talking look at what the story is ACTUALLY ABOUT. And thanks, I've read 'The Flood' and this is NOT like it, so do you feel like shutting your stupid mouth AND SEE HOW THE SERIES ROLLS OUT before criticising. (And also part 2 isn't based on a halo level. so why the hell didn't you post this on part 1 which must be the one you're complaining about?)
Covie Armada
8:51 am | December 6, 2003
Awsomedudeman or whatever the hell your name is, kiss my ass.
1)Why the hell isn't this posted by Part 1? That's the one based in the GENERAL VICINITY of Halo's level 2 (note not based on the level).
2)At least I can get to Part 2.
3)I've read 'The Flood'. This is nothing like it. So before you go off, look at what the Fanfic says, and see how it rolls out before you criticise.

(Thanks Silent Hunter)
Silent Hunter
9:58 pm | December 5, 2003
Hey, asswipe, Lay off, I'd like to see you do any better...or at least make a series past the prologue...
6:02 pm | December 5, 2003
dude, don't write about the Halo levels. Nobody gives a flying shit about you writing some dumbass story, that sucks ass, when they've all already played the game and know the story. Nobody wants to know your fucking spin on it. Because your thoughts are wrong. Noone cares. Stop writing. Or stop this series. Because it sucks. It takes no skill at all to write something that's already been written. Read "The Flood". Dumbass.