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Comments for 'Roughneck Two-Zero Chapter 4: Paintings - Cheap!'

1:15 pm | April 11, 2002
Lol. I have been busy lately so five isnt ready yet :( it should be done by Sunday, no early no later....and if British Commando doesnt read it cuz its too much like Hawk Chronciles, he can go to hell cuz i never asked him to read :D
2:45 am | April 11, 2002
Believe it or not, I haven't gotten around to reading your chapters, Ant. Oh well, I'll do it soon and no doubt be sending in a good review, what else would I send in to your story review board? P.S. - If it blows, you're in for it. Lol.
3:23 am | April 8, 2002
Ok i ran out of things to say so Good Work, keep it up