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Comments for 'Roughneck Two-Zero Chapter 2: Rent-a-Wreck'

10:16 pm | December 5, 2003
you suck
10:16 pm | December 5, 2003
you suck
5:15 pm | June 18, 2002
2:20 PM JUNE 17,2002.I take a personal interest in Nike apparral for the simple fact that the word,"NIKE" in GREEK means the goddess of victory. The word "VICTORY" alone means very much to me because being a christian I'VE GOT THE VICTORY THROGH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
11:47 am | April 7, 2002
lol...also, Nike also represents speed :)
10:12 pm | April 6, 2002
Some victory Nike had. Lmao.
The British Commando
11:40 am | April 5, 2002
Not bad again, but still the same problems with repetition.
5:51 am | April 5, 2002
what repitition do you see in the fic?
2:11 am | April 4, 2002
I like this very much and i noticed that you used greek gods/goddesses and heres what i wrote in the other story's post im just to lazy sometimes to make new things and i think you probly didn't read it. Nice, very nice i like this story very much but alot of things seem familar. I don't know where i just know some of the things from somewhere. But in all i love it and keep writing it.
1:39 am | April 4, 2002
Very nice story. This is a comment about the last story but i thought you would read this one sooner, anyway Nike is the godess of victory. I like the use of greek gods though. adds a nice touch
10:10 pm | April 3, 2002
wicked awesome.