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Comments for 'Roughneck Two-Zero'

12:00 am | May 2, 2002
Ya,i am going to have to say that the 1st chapter was A LOT like "We Were Soldiers" but it was still fun to read.
5:04 am | April 9, 2002

::slaps Jehkoh::


11:47 am | April 7, 2002
9:30 pm | April 6, 2002
One last note. What's in the house? Zenith is in the house. Sorry, couldn't resist. Felt like bein' a "thug." Kiddin', player. Joking... seriously.
8:47 pm | April 6, 2002
hehe...thanks Jehkoh! anyways, i snet chapt 3 in and so quit complaining...chapt 4 is almost done...
4:19 pm | April 6, 2002
Alright, all you screwballs with all the "constructive" criticism... It wasn't very constructive. Now in classes of ships or soldiers, people usually pick something... say if we had a Destroyer, we'd rename is Ares... and a Carrior would be renamed Zeus. So what if Snipa used some Greek god/goddess names for his characters? It was a bit of originality that flowed smoothly, something half you nimwits don't have. And big deal, he used the name of a character from Starship Troopers. It's a name, people, and no doubt one that exists in real life. He didn't knock off the actual character entity of the damn show, did he? So sit back, suck it up, and enjoy Snypa's story.
12:16 am | April 6, 2002
angel, back off... i dont see you writing, do i?
Cpt Canuck
11:47 am | April 5, 2002
Is it just me or does this remind you of "We were soliders" maybe the part where they go, "I can smell them" get lighting then unless themselves. I am not sure if that is in the first or second chapter.
The British Commando
11:36 am | April 5, 2002
Not bad, but there are a few problems with repetition...and...uh...God names...
10:30 am | April 5, 2002
Dude, your story is pretty cool but you have got to get your own ideas, this story has a couple of things like that the unit wrote about (come ON!) that was of starship troopers! and you don't have copy the main character of the movie with a slight change to his name!!!!!
2:53 am | April 5, 2002
oh, and also, whats wrong with God names? so what if Nike is the Goddess of Victory, it was still a good name..
2:51 am | April 5, 2002
1. I have not read Hawk Chronicles...2. I have not seen We Were Soldiers...Ps, what is repetitive?
12:29 am | April 4, 2002
I remembered that to since i just watched StraSHIp Troopers today on FX.COme on apes you wanna live forever. Ricos ROughnecks.
9:59 pm | April 3, 2002
I think I know what Jaywhit's talking about. It seems distantly familar to... *bum bum bum* the Hawk Chronicles.
9:59 pm | April 3, 2002
any constructive critism is welcome...also, maybe you remember Roughneck Co. from Star Ship Troopers, as well as the CO, Rico Johnson(but i replaced the i with e)
9:52 pm | April 3, 2002
Nice, very nice i like this story very much but alot of things seem familar. I don't know where i just know some of the things from somewhere. But in all i love it and keep writing it.