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Comments for 'War on the Home Front, Chapter 2: The Invasion'

12:27 pm | January 10, 2003
Jeez guys, it was just a freakin fan fic. Let him write the way he thinks MC should be. It is his story not his, his ideas and not yours. If the idea goes good with story, then put it in. Maybe he views the MC as a person who blows things up. Stop trying to make comparisons between someone's story who is still in school and some game.
Mutated Elite
7:34 pm | January 3, 2003
The story was great, but the personality you gave MC really sucked. Try to improve on it in the next chapter.
pilot 415
5:44 am | January 3, 2003
spec ops only blow things up when it is requiered in the mission and you seem to portray it as sudistic entertainment for MC instead of this what is i have to do, i think he would rather use the bunker himself instead of blow it up
2:24 am | December 31, 2002
true...they usually prefer to eliminate the OPPOSITION silently, but they like blowing things up.
2:01 am | December 31, 2002
thats a pretty big assumption usualy spcops ppl are covert and try to AVOID detction rather then blow their cover
11:44 pm | December 30, 2002
all SpecOp peeps like to blow things up...and technically, the SPARTAN Project is SpecOps :P
11:39 pm | December 30, 2002
you sorta killed the whole soldier getting the mission done by any means possible image with that line "I like explosions" it sort of portrayed that this was somthing he was doing for his own personal enjoyment and not really what had to be done
9:22 pm | December 30, 2002
you said about chapter 1 how he can only have two weapons in the game...the game is much different from the fiction, and im not trying to portray the MC as 'bloodthirsty,' I'm trying to portray him as a soldier who gets the mission done by any means necessary...
8:39 pm | December 30, 2002
as i said before it was ok the MC in your series just dosen't seem like the same MC in the game or the book the, in the book mhe was portraid as a man who does his job and never takes unnessicary risks, while in this you portraid him as a bit on the bloodthursty side not near the proffesional image that we were lead to belive