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Comments for 'War on the Home Front, Chapter 1: The Preparation'

2:10 pm | March 9, 2004
i didnt read it but gruntkiller, in the game it allows you to pick two weapons but if you look at masterchiefs body theirs three places for him to carry a weapon.
Mutated Elite
7:36 pm | January 3, 2003
Well, remember this is a heavy cruiser.
Pilot 415
5:24 am | January 3, 2003
needs more description of the ship, and a heavy crusier would likely have 3 MAC guns and less missle pods
8:06 am | January 1, 2003
i think it was great i like the twist in it and hpe ti read more
11:48 pm | December 30, 2002
thanks for the tip saturn ;)
9:40 pm | December 30, 2002
work on the subtitles. if the first one has "the preperation" and the second "the invasion", then most of us...at least i...wil go straight to the action.
Son of Korhal
9:38 pm | December 30, 2002
thats just a gameplay decision to increase strategy, in stories it's easily plausible he could carry more weapons, hell, he (and other spartans) carries more than two weapons in the official book The Fall of Reach

thats like saying that because in the game the master chief was not fast, he can't be in stories. it was only a gameplay decision, the official book conflicts with the game a number of times (IE near the end of the book a sniper rifle takes four neck shots to kill an elite's shields, then one more to kill the elite)
8:30 pm | December 30, 2002
it was ok, it was plagued with small problems like the MC can only take 2 weapons in the game yet in your story he has three