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Comments for 'Embodiment Of Vengeance'

11:40 am | July 4, 2004
Hey Connie, great story, now on to the subject - Slayer Boi. This kid is a friendless, geeky, faggot and deserves to die!!!
I am coming after you, Slayer Boi (I know you're Nicolas Fisher), and there is nothing you can do...
Watch your back.
6:05 am | May 21, 2004
Ok. Thanks to all of you, he quit. all he wanted was for people to read his stories. havent you ever heard the saying 'if you havent got something nice to say dont say anything at all.
1:10 am | May 19, 2004
My temporary AIM is bertuccismith211. Why couldn't my mom let me pick it when we got aol. Thank god I'm getting a better internet this weekend.
Nick Kang
9:18 pm | May 18, 2004
My AIM is TheElite09
(no, I did not make it after Halo, I made it before Halo.)

2:49 am | May 18, 2004
Conrad: I just read your story again. I get a distinct feeling that the name 'Dragoon' as one of your Pelicans has a very Haloesque edge to it. Very good name. I commend you on that.

The names were actually all very good in this story, I think you have a knack with that. Still, like others said, use the code and space your story out more.

12:11 am | May 18, 2004
Waisting bullets on hunters is really pointless. They aren't hard at all.

And my AIM is Zergblaster.
1:44 pm | May 17, 2004
Well, I'll give you that. When you are next to a cliff, it is fun to get them chasing you. Then wait a second, they'll lunge, and go right over the cliff.

I don't think their AI was written very well. "Tactical Geniuses"? How does 'I'll charge at my enemy and fall over the cliff' fit into that category?


- Darkest90
11:54 am | May 17, 2004
Maybe I need to stop observing the behavior of Grunts and the number of animals I can hear/see in Halo and actually start playing the game.

It's 'easy' to take out a Hunter on Legendary? I use up three plasma grenades and a full plasma rifle power core to kill one. Without any additional fire.

Too much time spent charting the different Covenant symbols I guess and not enough actually playing the game.

My Quest continues...

- Darkest90

P.S. Anyone have AIM? I need a fellow Halo Fan Fiction writer to chat with. Thanks. Mine is Darkest90.
Nick Kang
11:17 am | May 17, 2004
On easy I can take one out without even using an entire assault rifle magazine. But I'm sure everyone can.

6:45 am | May 17, 2004
Don't even waste grenades on Hunters, just run by and shoot them in the orange spot with the pistol...

Unless you get bored like me and spin around them smacking 'em in the back with a Sniper Rifle...

Either way, I have the most fun with the Hunters, as long as I stay close.
8:56 pm | May 16, 2004
Hunters are very easy. I take them on matadore style in any place that permits it. They're basically the same on Legendary, at least to me.
Nick Kang
12:52 pm | May 16, 2004
Yeah, I know...Hunters are easy. I once took on two at once with a plasma rifle on Legendary.

11:17 am | May 16, 2004
The Elites could have easily beaten MC on Halo if they all just stormed him at once.

I mean if everyone at Attack on the Control room attacked at once, or waited at a choke point...he'd get it good.

That's one thing I want to see in Halo 2. Ambushes. I want to have an enemy pretend hurt, and I chase him, and there's a whole squad of enemies waiting for me.
CoLd BlooDed
7:19 am | May 16, 2004
"Thanks for your 'comments' guys."

Conrad, we're just trying to help you out. Deal with it.
6:23 am | May 16, 2004
Thanks for your 'comments' guys.
2:24 am | May 16, 2004
As time passes, if you've been watching any, you'll come to notice that there are ways we act aroudn here. We don't always have them posted, or tell you about them, but you'll figure them out yourself.
CoLd BlooDed
2:11 am | May 16, 2004
Oh, and Conrad, if you want people reading your stories, I suggest you read theirs. It's how it works here on HBO, and whatever other unwritten rules there are, you best be paying attention to them.
CoLd BlooDed
10:50 pm | May 15, 2004
Hunters are easy, very, very, very, very easy. I can take on two at once!
7:30 pm | May 15, 2004
On the subject of the speed of an Elite's thought: They seem to react faster in battle than human marines, but this could be a result of either their military training and experience, or their racial intellect.

I would have to say that they are as smart as humans, but have heightened, keen senses and perception. And of course, great physical strength and agility.

Remember the name: Elites. This means the best of the best. Don't go making them look like your average foot soldier. In fact, I have more trouble killing some of the higher-level (gold and black colored) Elites than I do with Hunters, in the game. An invisible, gold-armored, sword-carrying Elite would be much scarier to me than a Hunter.

So... in conclusion... give the Elites some credit.
3:47 pm | May 15, 2004
Elites are just as capable as humans at thought.

The only species hinted of as 'slow' would be the hunters. But that's kinda up in the air since they've been made out to be dumb, but the Bungie site called them 'tactically brilliant'.
Nick Kang
2:56 pm | May 15, 2004
Yeah, and I'd think that someone who's written at least ten stories would, by now, know the code. And like CoLd said, just becuase you're first story (and possibly a few others) got a few good comments, don't go around saying your an Original just yet. If you want to take the easy path, just write several excellent stories that everyone loves. But if you want to take the hard path, write a BUNCH (like sixty) of bad stories, and then a BUNCH (like 120) of good stories. You've still got a looooonnng way to go before you're even out of the noobie rating, so...yeah.

Nick Kang
2:56 pm | May 15, 2004
Okay. Lots of errors.
1. Unless Casey is as strong as Arnold Shwarzanegger, there is no WAY he would be able to throw a Grunt that far. In the game, the Grunts may look tiny and helpless, but they're 5 feet tall. And probably just as heavy as a normal Human.
2. You called the Grunts' metahane breathers 'Backpacks.'
3. Elites' minds are by far, not slow. Other than Prophets, Elites are the smartest of the Covenant.

CoLd BlooDed
1:50 pm | May 14, 2004
And please, Conrad, don't start taking the good comments to your head and act like you've been at HBO for a long time. Other people, preferably the other writers, including me, don't appreciate it.
Slayer Boi
10:17 am | May 14, 2004
It was a bit... short and from what u told me @ skool i was kinda expecting more. I am ashamed 2 know u (joke)
Man i explained their "code" which is really HTML so y the hell didnt u use it??
also it was kinda well not up 2 ur usual standard. sadly i have 2 side wit these guys which makes ) ppl liking it so far. almost as bad as death of the cheif
1:03 am | May 14, 2004
Think of the code like this...use it.
CoLd BlooDed
1:48 pm | May 13, 2004
Yeah, what Hawk said, listen to us Conrad; USE THE CODE.
7:23 am | May 13, 2004
Okay, horrible.

Try using the code, first off. It helps to make an attempt at basic story structure and grammar, as well.

The races of Covenant are just that: Races. That means you capitalize their names, just like you would any other race. Things like Elite, Jackal, Grunt, Hunter, and/or Prophet must all be capitalized.

Methane is a gas, it has no "color."