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Comments for 'The Greatest Allies Are Darkness, Stealth And Speed'

Nick Fisha a.k.a Slayer Boi
9:27 am | May 8, 2004
Connie.... u hired out S.W.A.T, didnt u...
anyways good story.... did u post that 1 about the flood, that i like?
The Author
7:33 am | May 7, 2004
1:41 am | May 7, 2004
Colour? Armour? Any intelligent person knows those are also acceptable spellings for color and armor. However, you grammar needs improvement; make it, um, more eloquent. Read poetry, and all that; you'll find that it improves the readability of your fic termendously.
CoLd BlooDed
1:53 pm | May 6, 2004
I really don't care about those mistakes. I'm Canadian, and I'm supposed to write them the first way - but I don't. :)

I'll read the story in a bit... after school, more like.
The Author
7:59 am | May 6, 2004
Please note that I'm from Australia and we spell certain words differently from you guys, which is why some words appear 2 be spelt incorrectly, e.g:
armour - armor
colour - color
etc etc.
P.S. thanks for the comments!
1:50 am | May 6, 2004
whoa, my brothers name is ben! benjamin julio chavez
Nick Kang
10:12 pm | May 5, 2004
Woohoo! Benjamin! The guys name was Ben! That's my name! (Just thought I might point that out.)
But you need to use the code, dammit, the code! It is what separates us from the n00bs! And the story was pretty good, bursts of detail here and there, but it grew thin in some places.

Mr. Bill
8:18 pm | May 5, 2004
Hmm... I suppose this story is best described as a colleciton of violent scenes, each seemingly un-connected.
7:10 pm | May 5, 2004
good story, i'm assuming these guys are ODST since they sound like Special Forces. my only advice is to proof read your story so that u can correct grammar mistakes and to make sure that it flows correctly. it had parts that i didn't understand.