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Comments for 'A Comedy About Halo That Might Become A Series If It Gets Good Ratings'

nick fisher
5:56 am | May 9, 2004
9DAV u idiot.
How do u know connie anyways?
Connie is this that Tarren d00d?
Shadow Hunter
8:13 pm | May 3, 2004
good next convince a hunter that a plasma grenade is a blue orange
11:47 am | April 30, 2004
That was funny! Make it into a series, please! I want more!
Hell Rules
6:54 am | April 29, 2004
The jokes were kinda lame and not funny, please do not make this into a series as they will really humiliate you. I'm warning you, don't turn this into a series 'cause I'll know, Conrad Lauf of 8DAV Trinity Catholic College Lismore
4:42 pm | April 28, 2004
The only commedy iv ever read on this site that made me laugh, keep it up!!!!!!!
9:12 pm | April 27, 2004
MC's Cousin
8:53 pm | April 27, 2004
But yes. I forgot. It was rather funny, I will admit. I especially loved when that guy whose name I cannot remember:
primed a grenade
opened the door
threw in his AR
and dove to the ground whilst holding the grenade against his head!

I actually mentioned that to some of my...people that I know.

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Nick Kang
8:42 pm | April 27, 2004
I loved the part where he threw his assault rifle in!

7:50 pm | April 27, 2004
Wow I can actually say that this story had some humor to it. I kinda like to see where this goes.
Solidus Snake
6:34 pm | April 27, 2004
Heh... didn't really find it funny, not one laugh.
1:06 pm | April 27, 2004

someone that you dont know
11:44 am | April 27, 2004
This was good. Incredibly stupid, yet has a somewhat funny aura to it. Made me almost laugh. Well, complete the series but add more plot to it. Senseless violence is good for poems(Short and sweet), but not for stories.
11:15 am | April 27, 2004
Than read CoLd BlooDed's "Keepin' It Real"

11:02 am | April 27, 2004
I think thats the first comedy Ive read thats actually been a bit funny.
CoLd BlooDed
2:35 am | April 27, 2004
It's Makin' It Real... MAP. ;)

Pretty good though, funny, I laughed out loud a few times... which is good. Keep it up, make it a series.
Slayer boi
1:42 am | April 27, 2004
Gore Angels hehehehe
But, that said, it was very good, but i think it should have a bit more purposeful. hehehe anyways, maybe have them then invade the base? give them some more stuff to do besides getting their asses blown off. maybe put a chick in the squad... hehehe
9:39 pm | April 26, 2004
I really found it funny how stupid they all are and it is very good. I think you should write more of them. I loved IT!!
2:42 pm | April 26, 2004
comedy is always appreciated
MC's Cousin
1:35 pm | April 26, 2004
Sick. And sick.

Well, this story MAY have good potential. But you need to add just a little purpose to the story. Sure reading about senseless violence is fun, but it gets old atfter half a page. Epsecially when it isn't that long, it becomes pointless. But don't let me discorage you, write another just work harder.

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