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Comments for 'The Fury Of Earth's Children'

conrad's sister
9:54 am | April 21, 2004
you people need to get a life other than reading long, boring stories all day about bullet lengths and stuff. arghhhhhhhhhh
9:52 am | April 21, 2004
The length of the bullet is 99mm.
Nick Kang
2:24 pm | April 12, 2004
Yeah, right now the Shiva is the MOALB, but Halo take place 500 years in the future.
Grey fox
11:24 am | April 12, 2004
but do u know what the length of the bullet is? and don't go off and look at the guide.
Grey fox
11:18 am | April 12, 2004
Nah, I think that the mother of all bombs is the Shiva Tactical Nuke. Ah well, who cares what i think, great story anyway. Nice detail... and u actually got the mm of the Warthogs turret right on the money:12.7, not a tenth off. 9.5/10
Nick Kang
11:29 am | April 10, 2004
I'll switch it to 9.5.

An why is it submitted twice?
Nick Kang
11:11 am | April 10, 2004
Good readin'. There was good detail and well-explained battle sequences. Though there is something about the story that tells me to not give it a perfect ten.

So, I'll settle with