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Comments for 'Inferior and Proud'

CoLd BlooDed
4:02 pm | December 17, 2003
Wow, thanks people I really didn't expect to get this many reviews on a poem....
12:45 pm | December 17, 2003
wow very good
5:12 am | December 17, 2003
yeah sure AmokTheClown...but what do u mean by "joint"? like two stories that intertwine with one another?
and if thats the case, yeah sure, read my series, "Halo 2: The Forgotten", maybe what u want yur story 2 be wont be able to go with mine or vise vursa. and CoLd BlooDed, *sniff sniff. those last four lines are really touching especially the last two. and i mean it :D
12:13 pm | December 16, 2003
I haven't been on here too much lately.

I'll read them over the break.
7:07 am | December 16, 2003
5:41 am | December 16, 2003
the mad clown be trippin... lol. nah, i liked it, good job. loved the title, 'inferior and proud' i'd like to use that line in something of mine. n e one wanna do a joint project with me? (cricket chirping) oh well.

good job

1:02 am | December 16, 2003
good job
i enjoy poems
and there havent been too many on here lately
11:35 pm | December 15, 2003
Ah lahked it.
11:35 pm | December 15, 2003
Good poem. I licked the rhyme scheem. A few flaws, but other then that it was good.
CoLd BlooDed
11:24 pm | December 15, 2003
Main, did you get a chance to read any of my other chapters of Fight for New Tatley? Or is it starting to bore you, haha.
10:07 pm | December 15, 2003
Great. I liked it. Keep it up. It rhymed, and that's a good thing.
9:31 pm | December 15, 2003
Pretty good.

One or two flow problems, but other than that, it was good.