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Comments for 'Ever Since They Came'

11:37 pm | December 14, 2003
looks like I'am late but I have to say it was a nice poem
3:58 pm | December 8, 2003
Not that bad, I actually liked it better than a lot of other poems I've read on this site. Don't know why, I just did.
CoLd BlooDed
3:33 pm | December 8, 2003
Thanks for posting everyone, and yes, I will work on my "their" and "they're".
11:41 pm | December 7, 2003
I was reading it and about halfway through I was already ready to give you a 7.5/10... then I finished the poem and I can gladly give you a 9/10. Good ending.

Semper Fi

11:28 pm | December 7, 2003
Yea, not too shabby. I like the ending. 9.5/10, juss .5 off for the little their and they're. Otherwise, good stuff.
11:17 pm | December 7, 2003
That was pretty good....not as good as your other ones, but it got better as you kept reading...The ending was definately the best part...no complaints other than what Jamirus99 said.
8:33 pm | December 7, 2003
It was alright, alot better then mine. The rhyme scheem was good, and like jamirus said you need to work on the their's.
3:22 pm | December 7, 2003
Weeeellll, it wasn't THAT bad.

However, the word "their" refers to an object that belongs to somebody. They're is the compund word "they are," which is what you were looking for.