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Comments for 'The Strive to Survive ch. 13: From Bad to Worse'

7:08 am | July 22, 2004
Nice story, Cold. Well written, and well put together.

C.T. Clown
CoLd BlooDed
1:01 am | July 22, 2004
I'd just like to thank Nick Kang for posting this, and that I'm returning home tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for reading!
8:49 pm | July 21, 2004
Well Cold, you did it again. Once again your stories have left me thirsty for more. Not much more to say.
Dave Luck
4:59 pm | July 21, 2004

Scary and Action-packed!

- Dave.
3:05 pm | July 21, 2004
Yea what they said.

Slit Throat
1:32 pm | July 21, 2004
What Awacar said.
10:35 am | July 21, 2004
I can just tell you that I felt with Jake so much the entire time. I feel like I wanted to make that blow.

Nice work, I like it when you make a break from all the Flood-fragging action and instead take it to relative calmness, with well executed internal conflicts, and the creeping, scary feeling of an insane monitor.

Amazing work, CoLd!