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Comments for 'Eternal Confinement'

9:39 pm | July 20, 2004
Kale, this is one of the best stories that ive ever read. The formating was greast as well, i really liked the ending, you really did out do yourself.
4:24 am | July 19, 2004
Hmmmm...Why do I like reading your Fan Fiction? Oh yeah, cause it's that damn good. This is amazing cold. The ending really gave me a twist and the story is magnificant. You should be a writer.
3:02 am | July 16, 2004
Flood stories are good. I've done a couple.
CoLd BlooDed
2:09 am | July 16, 2004
Wow, thanks Red Ghost, I like it when people say that. :)

And also, thanks Dave and thedarkfire, it makes me feel special when I get good comments. ;)

Anyways, thank you all for reading.
Red Ghost
2:02 am | July 16, 2004
Wow man, that was intense. Crasy intense actually. Kind of inspires me to do my own flood thing. Your my inspiration!! And Severian, just for you, I'll use the code- so you'll at least read it...
Dave Luck
10:50 pm | July 15, 2004
Cold... I actually see some philosophical meaning.

And the twist at the end. I love this!

- Dave.
5:58 pm | July 15, 2004
that very much reminded me of severian

i would like to see another like this you do it well
CoLd BlooDed
11:56 am | July 15, 2004
Oh, right, Timberwolf, I see what you mean. Sorry.
5:51 pm | July 14, 2004
thats was a good read cold. i can't write like that.
MC's Cousin
4:57 pm | July 14, 2004
Wow, what a common word with your stories.
This was good, A nice short insain story. I was going to way that it looks like you typed this up fast and didn't take much time to correct it in the submission form, but it turned out fine.

Signing Off

CoLd BlooDed
3:27 pm | July 14, 2004
Timberwolf, did you even read the whole thing? I know, ONI is not a corporation, but since this is first person and the guys just crazy, not infected, he tended to screw up alot in his thoughts.
5:42 am | July 14, 2004
i dunno what simmonds was thinking, but a bullet to the head sounds way more enticing than being turned into a freak.
3:23 am | July 14, 2004
Its good. I'm scared. That was...wierd. Like Twilight Zone freaky.
2:02 am | July 14, 2004
I -am- flattered, all the same.
2:00 am | July 14, 2004
Severian-esque? As far as i can tell, this is better than anything i can do.
Nick Kang
1:24 am | July 14, 2004
d00d that was awesome! When you said you were gonna do a Severian-esque story earlier, I don't know you meant so much...well, Severian-esque. Excellent.

12:57 am | July 14, 2004
Okay two things: First, and I don't know if you knew and said it on purpose, but ONI is not a corporation, it's like the CIA.

Secondly, remember, the Flood, as a collective or as an individual, is an intelligent being. Maybe the flood form inside of John is just waiting to get back to Earth. . . .

(And if that was your idea from the start, sorry for ruining it, sorry)
CoLd BlooDed
10:42 pm | July 13, 2004
Oh, Severian, I do hope you know that it was you who inspired me to do this story. :)

I find it very SeverianofUrth-esque, don't you?

Now take the damn vowel.
10:35 pm | July 13, 2004
As a rule, if the story isn't codes or properly formatted and spelled in the first paragraph, I don't read it.

Really, this was great. Standing applause for thee, CoLd.
CoLd BlooDed
10:19 pm | July 13, 2004
Wow, thanks you guys. Alot. I mean, this was just one of those things where you felt like writing so you typed up a random story. But really, thank you Helljumper and Awacar; I'm extremely happy that you enjoyed this short story.
9:27 pm | July 13, 2004
T3h m4stah 0ffa pl0t-tw1szts has written! :p

Great story, you must be the number one man to come up with amzing plot twists! Man, I could almost feel the Flood being inside myself while reading this... and it turns out the man is just... well, the way he is for not spoiling anything.

j00 r t3h mast4h 0ffa pl_0t-t\\/\\/1szt5!
8:13 pm | July 13, 2004
Wow CoLd that was so good. Even the messed up formatting helped with the craziness. I really thought he was taken over by the Flood, but damn he was just crazy. Yo everyone needs to read this. CoLd you out did yourself. Wow, I can't stop raving about how good this is (or is it because of the flood of Noobs) This story is a buried diamond int he ignorant rock of Noobs. I mean damn have you guys read the crap thats been poseted.