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Comments for 'The Best of the Best Part 1 of 3'

A Fan
12:00 am | July 9, 2004
we are just Halo fans *____*
CoLd BlooDed
4:19 am | July 8, 2004
No, actually, I pity Nerdhunter, making threats over the internet. Yes, he should shut up, but I don't think he can do anything about it except calling us nerds and saying he's going to fuck us up.

I'm pretty sure he's just pressing our buttons.
A Fan
1:05 am | July 8, 2004
someone that you dont know
5:00 pm | July 7, 2004
Hey nerdhunter, if you are who I think you are, than you'd better shut up. But if you arent, shut up anyways
A Fan
1:46 am | July 6, 2004
--_-- ok story CoLd BlooDed
CoLd BlooDed
8:18 pm | July 4, 2004
Hah, let's see you try you dumbfuck. Trying to take people over the internet? Cool, kid.
11:49 am | July 4, 2004
Hey fucker, how 'bout you die and go to hell, then get raped by the devil. There is no heaven for nerds.
Oh yeah, I thought your story was SHIT, even though I didn't read it.
And I hope all the nerds out there know this:

I am coming to fuck you up bitches
A Fan
1:23 am | July 4, 2004
I'm just the halo Fan thats all :)
A Fan
12:02 am | July 3, 2004
I can not answer that
CoLd BlooDed
12:18 am | July 2, 2004
Do you, by any chance, not speak English as your first language?
A Fan
12:07 am | July 2, 2004
A Halo A Fan that is
A Fan
12:03 am | July 2, 2004
^___________________^ I am think I like it ...maybe :)
A Fan
12:03 am | July 2, 2004
ummm I'm just "A Fan" :)
8:29 pm | July 1, 2004
Thanks a ton
5:20 pm | July 1, 2004

Halo Forum Index

Come on over to our forums. Moderated, and with password protected names.

Twinkie not invited.
3:09 pm | July 1, 2004
What site do you all belong to?
CoLd BlooDed
1:44 am | July 1, 2004
You can't "decide"? Usually it's not that hard. :)
A Fan
12:05 am | July 1, 2004
well.....it's has good grammer, spelling and it's funny ,but I cann't deside if I like it or not **thinking ** -____-
4:41 pm | June 30, 2004
CoLd, I like your way of writing, I must say that.

The comedy part of this gave me one or two laughs, and kept me smiling most of the time.

I had higher thoughts (especially after reading the HBO story you made) but I think the fault is my thickness. (It has been flourishing lately, soon to expand into areas that the flood who/which ate Keyes won't even reach.)
3:16 pm | June 30, 2004
so what does the UNSK stand for
11:38 am | June 30, 2004
Thanks Main i didn't want to re read the book just to find those parts.

1:42 am | June 30, 2004
No problem Helljumper.
A Fan
12:32 am | June 30, 2004
I haven't read it ,but I'm going to ^_____^
12:09 am | June 30, 2004
That is to say: "What is this new site?"
12:03 am | June 30, 2004
Now that im back from camp, how much fiction do i have to read? 80 stories?

Well, i read this first and it was pretty good, decently funny. But, in my absence, i must ask what site is this?!
8:49 pm | June 29, 2004
The Fall of Reach:


First Strike:


Those are the pages he is mentioned I found.
someone that you dont know
7:05 pm | June 29, 2004
I read it at the forum, just never posted, as before mentioned by Mainevent. I had a hard time suppressing a laugh, it was pretty funny. "I feel you dawg" LOL. Very good
6:30 pm | June 29, 2004
Speak of Ackerson, in which of the books do they talk aobut him and page numbers would help


Nick Kang
1:12 pm | June 29, 2004
Well, if they employed Ackerson, I'd have to say that the UNSC could make such a shitty corporation.

11:20 am | June 29, 2004
I read it on the forums, I just never posted.

It had its memorable parts, they were mostly towards the end though.
4:01 am | June 29, 2004
And I'm not saying that the story was stupid. Or was it? I don't know.
3:57 am | June 29, 2004
It had it funny/stupid/weird parts.
3:32 am | June 29, 2004
Well Kale, you did it again. I was a bit lost at the start, but couldnt stop laughing by the end.
CoLd BlooDed
3:30 am | June 29, 2004
Oh, and Nick, UNSK stands for something else, it is not the same as UNSC - do you think UNSC would make such a shitty corporation?
CoLd BlooDed
3:11 am | June 29, 2004
No, not on the HBO forum, it's a little site that some of us have made.
2:54 am | June 29, 2004
Okay, time to broadcast my ignorance: what do you mean voting on it in the forum? Do you mean the HBO forum? What vote? ?????

C.T. Clown
Nick Kang
12:23 am | June 29, 2004
Woohoo! I voted for this on the forums! And I didn't know kommand was spelled with a 'k'.

8:45 pm | June 28, 2004
It was a bit hard to follow, but it was funny.

I had to wonder at the beginning when "the best of the best" were dumb as dirt and afraid to fire their weapons. It is the first time I have seen "dawg" in fanfic. Historic.

C.T. Clown
CoLd BlooDed
8:18 pm | June 28, 2004
Yes, it was supposed to be funny. But Helljumper, 343winks said he couldn't stop laughing, meaning he was laughing the whole way through.
8:15 pm | June 28, 2004
i'm with 343winks, was that suppose to be funny cause i didn't laugh.

8:02 pm | June 28, 2004
I was one of the two people who read this on the forums...
Anyways, I thought it was pretty damn funny, but didn't measure up to your other works, though. Maybe because I wouldn't be able to spot hilarity even if it danced in front of me naked and dead with green tentacles hanging out of it's chest.
Great story, in the end.
7:51 pm | June 28, 2004
LOL, that was great. One question, was this supposed to be funny? Because when I read it, I couldn't stop laughing. "Go jump off that cliff," that was hilarious. Good job, I love reading your work. I can't wait to read part 2 and 3.