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Comments for 'The Strive to Survive (Chapter 10: A Secret Revealed)'

9:05 pm | June 22, 2004
zzZZzzzZzZ... Uhm? did someone mention my name... *falls into slumber once again* Uhm? No, it must have been one that called.

G'morning, CoLd, Awacar here. It was good, a little off as I got confused with the things in paranthesis, but I think that is on my end. Anyway, it helped to keep me wanting more.

Good, but a little off to me. (Most things have been as I joined the clan I'm in for HaloPC, and finishing the last parts of school before the break started.)

Anyway, wake me up when... ooh, have I read chapter eleven already?? Hmm, lets see... it got a good comment from me... good... when chapter twelve comes out. G'nite

2:44 am | June 5, 2004
Nice story Kale, loved the twist. This chapter is most likely the best in the whole series. Looking forward to more.
CoLd BlooDed
3:03 am | June 3, 2004
Where's Helljumper, and MCC, and Awacar? :O
CoLd BlooDed
11:29 am | June 2, 2004
They just come to me, Mainevent. ;)

I just go through the story before I write it, and then figure out all the twists I'm going to do - the more the better.
5:31 am | June 2, 2004
man that was good. keep up the good work.kinda confusing at some parts but after you figure it out it is some pretty good stuff. keep up the good work.

"My name is Kirpan"
6:21 pm | June 1, 2004
Been a long time since I read this series, but DAMN!! This is really good shit, can't wait for more chapters.
6:21 pm | June 1, 2004
Been a long time since I read this series, but DAMN!! This is really good shit, can't wait for more chapters.
Nick Kang
11:42 am | May 31, 2004
Well, I knew it was from Calian's point of view, it's just that it was written a lot as if it were in Jake's. And what is this about the Monitor of 07? Another plot twist, I see coming.

Snowy Duck
11:09 am | May 31, 2004
finaly a story worth my time to read and one that acualy needs some amount of thought to comprehend. Your story stands above the rest, good job.
12:32 am | May 31, 2004
All these plot twists...where do you get them?
12:02 am | May 31, 2004
Pretty damn wonderful. I still think some of your other chapters are better, but then, this chapter by itself stands head and maybe knees above anything -I- can do. Keep it coming!
CoLd BlooDed
8:33 pm | May 30, 2004
Thanks you guys. And Nick, don't you think it's kindof obvious that the middle was from Calian's point of view? It said AI at least a dozen times. ;)
4:14 pm | May 30, 2004
A secret revealed...that's kinda telling the plot twist man. LOL

I haven't read it yet, I've got to go. I'll comment on it later though. PCE.
4:14 pm | May 30, 2004
I always knew that Sara was a dirty little HORE. Don't ask me how, but I did. ;)

Good story. IT wasn't hard to understand for me, but I guess it woulldn't be. Anyway, keep up the good work.
Nick Kang
12:23 pm | May 30, 2004
This series is getting kinda...wierd. I was somewhat confused in the middle, I wasn't sure whose point of view it was, Jake's or Calian's. Although it did keep me reading, and there was a good plot twist in there. Keep up the good work.