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Comments for 'The Strive to Survive (Chapter 9: Shadows of Light)'

CoLd BlooDed
2:00 am | May 25, 2004
Well, it looks like my msn has once again been hacked. I won't be on that for a little bit 'til I get it sorted out. So Hawk, teemus, and Mainevent, if I start acting like some dumbass, don't talk to me.
4:53 pm | May 22, 2004

3:27 am | May 22, 2004
It was good, I got a bit confused at the storage bay part. The part where he killed the Flood with his hands I didnt like either, other then that, it was nice. Looking forward to the next one Kale.
1:26 am | May 22, 2004
Me and MAP found that nobody whatsoever comes to the second page.
10:28 pm | May 21, 2004
Yeah, my story is on the second page too, Mainevent (but you already know that). What sucks is that nobody seems to take the time to come down the the second page to read my...oh nevermind.
Anyway, good story CoLd. Although you might have gone overboard with all the "fucks" in there. And it wasn't the amounts that you used it, it was the only word you used. But...crazy AIs are always cool.

MC's Cousin
9:57 pm | May 21, 2004
Oh, by the way. I was just foolin around CoLd. I got caught up in another stort that I had to..."help along".

But it does bring warm feelings to my heart (bet you didn't know I had one) that you thought of me. Speaking of that...what am I thought of around here?

Signing Off

MC's Cousin
9:52 pm | May 21, 2004
Well, I'm a little late, but I made it.

In the center, somewhere, near the control room, it seemed like you rushed a bit. It was a tad confusing in places. Emotions flared A LOT, but when the Flood are attacking, I would probably do the same. I'm not sure about Jake killing the form with his bare hands, but I liked it. I also liked how you just described them running around like, well for their lives. Gave me the feeling I first had in the level: 343 Guilty Spark, and the Library. The whole "beet the guy in the back of the room" thing was a little odd, but heck.
You are really putting a lot of twists in there as well. I like twists.
Overall, I think this was pretty good. And now that I actually let my brain sort through the stuff I read in previous chapters, this is an interesting series.

Signing Off

Elite Zov
6:52 pm | May 21, 2004
Dammit Cold, you write too much. :) Hay, I think you forgot a capitalazation in one place. Noo biggy, your stuf is real!
Nick Kang
10:06 am | May 21, 2004
Wow...that's all I have to say, just...wow. Your stuff amazes me. I wish I could write as good as you! :,(

3:00 am | May 21, 2004
First paragraph sounds good, read it later Cold, I imagine it is as good as your last.
2:06 am | May 21, 2004
In a move I don't even comprehend, I've written and submitted the first part of the sequel to Homeworlds. Though it isn't the first chapter, it will be the set up for the story to come. Though Homeworlds will be over soon enough.
CoLd BlooDed
1:35 am | May 21, 2004
Yeah, Vengeance, it is a pretty long series.

And Awacar, I don't mind your praise, I actually find it quite flattering. :)

Now, where's MCC?
9:30 pm | May 20, 2004
Oh damn, it's going to take me forever to read this entire series. Oh well, I got time to kill. I just finished this part and it was really good, I can't wait to read the rest.
9:27 pm | May 20, 2004
Hello everyone, long time no posting. As usual, CoLd, your stories shine like the sun around here. Without you and MadJackal, I wouldn't know if I'd still be visiting.

My praisings must feel lame now, after eight or nine posts on the subject, but you're worth it. I'm running out of superlatives, so just keep on rocking!
11:54 am | May 20, 2004
Very nice job, CoLd, but you're going to kill your editor. Starvation.

Anyway, to all of the skilled regulars of HBO Fan Fiction, a small group of even more regulars have started a "Halo Fiction Source." If you want your story posted NOW, and don't want to wait for the queue, you can post it on this EZBoard-style forum, instantly. Reviews are also encouraged, as is intelligent discussion and debating.

CoLd BlooDed
2:35 am | May 20, 2004
Thanks everyone, alot! I hope you'll all enjoy the next few action packed chapters, and the ending... :)
1:01 am | May 20, 2004
Don't kill me CoLd...
9:36 pm | May 19, 2004
finally a writer i really recognize
lots of new blood
good to read some old greatness
straight pimpin i believe

well off for homeworlds
8:42 pm | May 19, 2004
You're on Prodigious 8th grader, armed with the extremely special skill of writing, the imagination, and the proper use of curse words. Keep them coming dude.
8:13 pm | May 19, 2004
There's no more need to heap even more praises onto this already cool story. Let's just say that it kicks ass regularly without missing a beat.
3:21 pm | May 19, 2004
You know your stories are good, no need for me to blow up your head.

3:07 pm | May 19, 2004
Yea CoLd, you should watch that AI cursing. Good thing he only said the 'f' word once. ;P
Steve Ollett
12:05 pm | May 19, 2004
Wow. That is good stuff you have written. Seems like everyone else's stuff gets better everytime.

The A.I. was quite convincing, although I wonder if it would be swearing using the 'f' word. Although I remember that Cortana did several times so I'll let you off there.

The ONI excavation team idea is very good and looks like you beat me to it with your story as I was going to include something like that in my Marooned series. Ho hum - that'll teach me to take my time with my writing...
11:42 am | May 19, 2004
Good stuff here. That silly Calian going crazy. When will they learn, when will they learn.

You were lucky though, yours is on the first page. Mines on the second (Homeworlds XXVIII). Sucks too, cause now that he took the list off the front page, you can't skim it to see which stories to read.