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Comments for 'Together We Stand (Part 2 of 2)'

MC's Cousin
10:17 pm | May 21, 2004
Wow, it took me a few minutes to read through all those comments. That scroll bar is like half-an-inch long.
Kinda OT for the story, but relevent for FF. I think that writing short series/stories like this is great. Helps you practive and hone your skills. Plus it's fun to write about short engagements like that.
BTW, liked the HEV (which realy should be refered to as a Covenant-Entry-Vehicle [CEV]), part. And that dialogu-to-title thing was a good thing. Like H:FS.

Signing Off

Nick Kang
12:52 am | May 20, 2004
Well, since Mr Revenge never answered by question about re-writing his story, I've decided to make my own little n00b-war story. I call it 'The n00b Crusades'.
(no offense to any n00bs who may read this message.)

11:31 am | May 19, 2004
One of us? If its one of us I guess im up for anything...
Nick Kang
11:13 am | May 19, 2004
Hey everyone, I just finished a story. It may not be posted for a while, but just a foreword question: Who wants to be in it? Chapter 1 will have three spaces so the first three people get ch. 1. This may sound a little self-centered, but I need to know who to put in it.

11:11 am | May 19, 2004
Alright, the left arrow, right arrow, equal sign, backslash, frontslash, and l-shaped divider thing are all illegal.
11:09 am | May 19, 2004
You probably did have an illegal character though. Because it's happened to me. The left arrow, right arrow, and perhaps others are considered illegal characters.
10:39 am | May 19, 2004
I can't beleive I mispelled my title.
5:00 am | May 19, 2004
NK, what type of story is it? Is it like H_K's ASoWE? or Colds comedy?
2:06 am | May 19, 2004
I think that this being at the top of the Fan Fiction page, it is a prime spot for people to chat and hang out before the next batch.
CoLd BlooDed
1:39 am | May 19, 2004
Well, since you ARE advertising in my comments section, I think it's fair for me to be in it. :P
1:01 am | May 19, 2004
Finally. I wont get blown up in something! This is a first.
Nick Kang
12:57 am | May 19, 2004
Okay, I'll add you guys in. The story may not be out for a little while, I'm gonna finish up Operation: Stingray first, and Sentinel, you won't get blown up.

12:47 am | May 19, 2004
Does everyone come to this comment section? And no, I'm not a noob.
12:20 am | May 19, 2004
So, to put it simple, yes.

I also have a new series coming up, but it'll take a while because I can only use Word for ten more minutes. It really sucks.
12:16 am | May 19, 2004
If it is really the FIRST three people to reply, then I wouldn't mind.
12:16 am | May 19, 2004
*ponders thought*I'd like to see me in something where I don't get blown up (it tends to happen frequently).
10:48 pm | May 18, 2004
Thanks, Mainevent, however, for the suggestion.
10:46 pm | May 18, 2004
Illegal characters? I don't think so... Unless Times New Roman, font size 12, on Microsoft Word is illegal.
I don't know. I just start and finish my whole damn stories on the submission thing now. Takes around thirty minutes, but I plan it out, and type really, REALLY fast. Besides, I'm a pretty good speller...
9:12 pm | May 18, 2004
New series. Remember what I said about meaning? This is one of those. It'll be up if the update ever comes.
Nick Kang
9:09 pm | May 18, 2004
Yeah, Darkest, if you don't know how to do something, anyone here would be happy to help.

7:17 pm | May 18, 2004
Just the way you talk about writing makes you seem way past mediocre, Darkest.
CoLd BlooDed
11:58 am | May 18, 2004
No problem, Darkest, as long as it helps you get started here on HBO.

Teemus, your story has been edited and put into the queue.

Everyone else, thanks for reading my story. I really, really appreciate it.
11:33 am | May 18, 2004
To Darkest: No problem, glad I could help.

To Severian: The reason it is doing that is you have illegal characters in your story, such as
11:02 am | May 18, 2004
Click blue link titled "Fanfiction Submission Form" in the yellow box on the top of the main fanfiction screen, where all of the stories appear.

Insert your name, email address, and story title in the proper boxes on the new page that comes up.

In the large white box below those three lines, add your text. This site doesn't use HTML, so processors such as Word and such will be useless here.

Use the pseudocode throughout your story, and be sure to space it well.

At the bottom tell whether or not is a continuing story, a single story, or a new series.

Then choose whether or not it is a poem. Now click preview. It should come up with your story as you'll see it at the top, and a editing box at the bottom where you can make changes. If you are satisfied with your story's look, click submit.

If you chose that it was a continuation of a series, or new series, you will be prompted to either click the name of the series from a list of series registered to your name, or to type in a name for the new series.

Click Submit/OK and you are good to go.

Click submit and you are good to go.
2:42 am | May 18, 2004
Hey, thanks for the instructions! I think it works now, but I went over my story and decided I want to rewrite it. I need the practice anyway.

I won't be satisfied until it is as good as if it was published! =P Sorry guys.

I DO have a story, I am telling the truth. I wouldn't want everyone to get the bad impression that I am just a mediocre writer.
CoLd BlooDed
2:29 am | May 18, 2004
Yes, it was very cool. :P
1:03 am | May 18, 2004
Like that run-on?
1:01 am | May 18, 2004
I sometimes have a problem when submitting my fic where theres an error and i have to click back or refresh a million times because somethin happened to the page. Whats up with that?
12:57 am | May 18, 2004
Oh, gods... Dark, I've had that happen to me. Like how the submission page won't let you submit your story EVEr, on grounds that it's not long enough... I've had a 2000 word story not accepted because it thought it was only 580-ish.
Snake Solid 117
5:09 pm | May 17, 2004
This may sound corny, but when that ODST said that line about "we stand together", that gave me goose bumps. I liked it alot. Great story.

Snipers Rule!
11:31 am | May 17, 2004
I can tell you that I have two chapters of a certain story already written, revised, and ready to go.

But, I have a couple of weaknesses against me.

First, I have no idea how to work the story submission page. Despite the advise given to me by ColdBlooded, this stuff remains alien to me and to all fan fiction archives that I have used before. For some reason, it won't accept any of my work, despite my thorough search through the FAQ.

Second, my e-mail is down, preventing me from asking assistance from the webmaster(s).

Third, I have a hard time with the message board here, and can't get any assistance from there either.

It seems I am a Covenant writer lost in humanity's homeworld.

Sorry, ColdBlooded, for cluttering your Comment page with an off-topic subject.
Nick Kang
11:15 am | May 17, 2004
Yeah, Darkest. You seem to comment intelligently enough...now let's see how you write...

5:53 am | May 17, 2004
Hmmmm fine nick. just steal my ideas. lol jk i am once again in a rotten mood, my english teacher gave us a usless sheet on romeo & Juliet(please, no crappy romeo and juliet quotes.)

as i said, it is just a bit of that story i had planned and i have way more ideas. yet again email me or at me on MSN at: goggleboy_89@hotmail.com
if you want to use 1 of my plots or want me to help u make 1.
i just can't be bothered writing them myself
Slayer Boi
5:53 am | May 17, 2004
Hmmmm fine nick. just steal my ideas. lol jk i am once again in a rotten mood, my english teacher gave us a usless sheet on romeo & Juliet(please, no crappy romeo and juliet quotes.)

as i said, it is just a bit of that story i had planned and i have way more ideas. yet again email me or at me on MSN at: goggleboy_89@hotmail.com
if you want to use 1 of my plots or want me to help u make 1.
i just can't be bothered writing them myself
1:51 am | May 17, 2004
Great work Cold, like ussual. Everything has already been said, looking forward to see more from you. Hey, have you edited my story yet?
10:12 pm | May 16, 2004
You seem to care a lot, Darkest. Thats a good quality on this site. I assume that you are a writer or an aspiring one by the way you reveiw these stories. With the way you take it so seriously, i just want to say thanks, and im sure many other people appreciate it too. I would be interested in hearing your own work now. :)
9:54 pm | May 16, 2004
What? I didn't review this story already? Well that's odd, I distinctly remember... hmmm... okay not very distinctly. Here it goes.

This story was very well-written. It had a good underlying element to it that connected both the Covenant and the Humans. You saw both of them in equal eyes and I think this is what added to a sort of... I guess you could call it a moral... in the story.

The characters were very good and more thought-out than others. I can't honestly give you any suggestions on how to improve it.

The only thing that it really didn't have (in my opinion) was purely based on the plot that you intended on writing, and your writing style itself. It lacked a sense of Halo-ish excitement that made you want to read more. This could be positive as well, because you finished the story with your readers satisfied.

I would give this story, "Together We Stand", a high rating... but I don't believe in ratings.
Nick Kang
12:05 pm | May 16, 2004
Thanks Main. That helped.

And to Slayer Boi: You can't have someone make that story, cause that's the plot of a story I'm already writing.

Slayer Boi
8:06 am | May 16, 2004
Nice story man :D
Hmmm i had an idea 4 a story. i seriously cant be bothered writing a story so i am posting ideas in comments from time to time.
I was thinking of a story where a MC is leading an elite squad of marines into a covie ship in order to destroy it, and rid the sector of a covenant patrol.
However, everything goes wrong, and the MC discovers a plot more sinister than anything he could've imagined...
Anyways that is just a bit of the basic plot. any1 who wants to turn this or any other of my story ideas into a story or series email goggleboy_89@hotmail.com or add me on MSN
CoLd BlooDed
7:17 am | May 16, 2004
Okay, Darkest90, seeing as how you're new here...

People who feel like making a fan fiction submit their story into the queue. But first they reach the submission form, this is where you put the text of the story, apply the HTML, and see how it looks. If you like the look, then you can decide whether it's a short story, a poem, a new or continuing series...

But yes, the webmaster (being Louis Wu) updates the Fan Fiction every few days. And please, don't post more than two or three stories at a time, it's considered spam here.

Hope that all helps, and what did you think of the story?
6:52 am | May 16, 2004
Posted? Where? Now?

Mind me, I am confused about this whole set-up. So the fan-fiction is put up in bulk on this site every few days by the webmasters, right? Or is there some forum where you can post fan fiction as well?
CoLd BlooDed
1:44 am | May 16, 2004
Alright, next chapter of The Strive to Survive is posted.
3:30 pm | May 15, 2004
Longsword Armaments

4 ASGM-10 Missiles

First Strike, Page 42

"They warmed, and Cortana fired all the Longsword's ASGM-10 missiles... Antimissile laser fire stabbed through space, and three of the missiles exploded into red fireballs...about to fire-when the last missile impacted."

Rotary Cannons

First Strike, Page 38

"It would take several seconds for the weapons to power up. The 110mm rotary cannons could fire immediately, but the missiles would have to wait for their target-lock software to initialize.

Hope that helped.
Nick Kang
2:29 pm | May 15, 2004
Speaking of the armaments of Prowlers, does anyone knoe hat kind of weapons Longsword Interceptors have?

11:45 am | May 15, 2004
Homeworlds XXVIII has been posted.
CoLd BlooDed
3:50 am | May 15, 2004
Lol, thanks Sentinel, good to see your back.
3:39 am | May 15, 2004
If anyone is insulted about me saying "one of the few stories that have meaning", don't. It's just one that I see meaning in.
3:32 am | May 15, 2004
Well, this was a nice way to pass the time. Great job with it. If only I could think of new comments to say, but I've thought of everything.

I'm currently working on another series, but it's going slow. Too slow.

Like I said, great job. This is one of the few stories that give meaning...
3:09 am | May 15, 2004
aight keep the info coming if you know

2:29 am | May 15, 2004
Also in TFOR they were in a Prowler or Corvette (basically same thing) going to the school to meet John for the first time.
CoLd BlooDed
1:15 am | May 15, 2004
Yeah, it said in First Strike that Prowlers have slipspace functionability. I remember because there was supposed to be a Prowler near Reach, and didn't want to take the Covenant ship they had to Earth because they were under protocol. So simply put, Prowlers can travel through Slipspace.
1:03 am | May 15, 2004
Prowlers are small stealth ships, lightly armed. I think they have slip space capabilities, but I'm not entirely sure.
12:45 am | May 15, 2004
Yea CoLD or anyone, can you give me some facts about UNSC Prowlers, like size, armament, slipspace capabilites, just anything that is know about them.

9:56 pm | May 14, 2004
Well I just read it CoLd.

Good concept :), good execution. A few small problems like Hawk said, but nothing jarringly out of wack. You took it and ran with it, and ran a good deal too.

Not bad. Oh and get on tonight and we can talk about "Project X-Ray Tango Delta C-1145"
9:05 pm | May 14, 2004
Good job writing up. It's really good. I give it a 5 out of 5.
8:36 pm | May 14, 2004
This one was a ass-kicker. Another one for CoLd.
8:31 pm | May 14, 2004
Think you're getting too good for an editor, eh?

All sarcasm aside, this is a very fast read. There were a few errors, mostly grammatical but there were a few others I caught.

Nice work, CoLd, very nice work.
CoLd BlooDed
1:59 pm | May 14, 2004
Cool. Thanks for considering.
CoLd BlooDed
11:13 am | May 14, 2004
Thanks Dark and Helljumper.

Oh, and the ODST's travelled in the drop-pods created by the Covenant. You know... the ones we see in the E3 2003 demo, where the Elites come out of?

That's what they came in. That was the surprise...
Slayer Boi
10:33 am | May 14, 2004
lol sry joke i in a rotten mood.
Anyways, 1st few lines look good so i might just keep on reading
4:06 am | May 14, 2004
only had time to read this one
cuz its on top
good job
loved it
leavin this weekend
1:35 am | May 14, 2004
Oh yea, and the Covenant drop pods were from a previous engagement. The ODSTs won, and took the Covenant pods back to their ship to study. Thats where they got them from.
12:57 am | May 14, 2004
I just helped him with the basics. He did all of the work. The talent is all his.
CoLd BlooDed
12:34 am | May 14, 2004
Oh, and I'd like to thank Mainevent for helping me come up with the idea for this short story.
12:25 am | May 14, 2004
I saw that twist coming... :)

Good work. I like the HEV full of explosives idea too. Good job coming up with that. Creative.
CoLd BlooDed
12:21 am | May 14, 2004
I knew that was gonna come up. But I left that unanswered because I wanted the reader to assume that they had stolen several, enough for a hardcore ODST team to use. Other ways that seem liable are up to the reader, not me. I did that on purpose. :)
Nick Kang
12:07 am | May 14, 2004
Yeah, but unless I'm missing something, the question how they got the drop pods comes to mind. But still, like Dark said, a great ending to a great series, although it didn't seem to be your best, it was still really, really good.

7:10 pm | May 13, 2004
Good ending to a good story. I liked the idea of using a Grunt as a big grenade, lol, creative. Pretty brutal deaths at the start, but hey, its your story. Great job man. :)
2:53 pm | May 13, 2004
That last post was me,
2:51 pm | May 13, 2004
Great story, good describtion of the action and i like that HEV full with explosives. I see that you've been taking lessons from me with the "frag out."


i have to work on my last part of Sergeant Vick now
Elite Zov
1:32 pm | May 13, 2004
Niiiicccceeeee! Well, one more wonderful story form you! Loved it! Nice job, guess can't argue with you again.:D