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Comments for 'The Strive to Survive (Chapter 8: Sounds of Battle)'

Conrad Lauf
11:31 am | May 9, 2004
Really? Im only in eighth grade too!
12:54 am | May 9, 2004
I'm only in 9th grade.
6:02 am | May 8, 2004
I'm only a 7th grader in CA

El fudge... nuf said.
CoLd BlooDed
1:48 am | May 8, 2004
Read it yet, Nick?
2:09 am | May 7, 2004
As one of your fellow peers CoLd, i could prolly stand to take some notes lol.
CoLd BlooDed
12:43 am | May 7, 2004
Thanks you guys, and yes, I am only an eighth grader.
8:22 pm | May 6, 2004
You're only an eighth grader? Damn...
8:20 pm | May 6, 2004
Nice story, but I read this whole thing as a series and I think the previous ones are better.
Anyways, thank'ee sai.
6:03 pm | May 6, 2004
I see. MCC is a biggot! He only follows the sucky stories around. JK

I think MCC is Walker reincarnate.
2:45 pm | May 6, 2004
Hey, long time, no fanfic. (You're all allowed to make the interpretention you want out of that.)

The story was good, but not blazing good and exceeding-my-expectations-esque, this was one of the few times I got what I expected.

In my opinion, you didn't have that... the... that...something that made me stick to the screen in the previous chapts, and forget the fact that your characters fought the Flood.

It was equally good as your other stories, but through my eyes you had more material to work with.

Still, this series rock, it's one of the few I follow, and I will continue to do so until it ends.
MC's Cousin
1:59 pm | May 6, 2004
HEY!!!! Who said Neo died. I mean, why did it show a glimps of his vision (lights everywhere) deal is he was dead? Huh? Huh? Naw, JK.

Sorry, CoLd. I really have not the time to read this right now, but I'll get to it eventually. I was making sure I had read the one previous to this...and almost got lost in your story archive. Phew, you have a lot under your belt for an eighth grader. Man, keep writing, you could turn into a great Novelist!

Signing Off

11:58 am | May 6, 2004
But Neo died too...
CoLd BlooDed
11:45 am | May 6, 2004
Heh, just imagine the scene with Neo and Smith by replacing all the other Smiths with Flood forms. Neo is the Master Chief and Smith is 343 GS. Or whoever you like, geez, stop bothering me.
11:42 am | May 6, 2004
The flood are wondering around out in the rain is kinda funny. Makes 'em sound stupid.
CoLd BlooDed
11:31 am | May 6, 2004
Thank 'ee, Mr. Mainevent.

Yeah, I tried to paint a good mental picture of a huge battle. I took parts from movies and converted them into my story, kinda:

It's storming hard, like in the Matrix Revolutions (the last scene between Neo and Smith).

The Marines are marching across a huge plateau fighting Flood that are coming from the structure, and Covenant that are coming down the mountain. (Kinda LoTR.)

And that's pretty much it, I'm glad ya liked it!
11:13 am | May 6, 2004
I liked it a lot. It painted a frantic battle I could believe was happening. Though, I wish you had stayed with Jake a little longer. The switch to the elite kinda ruined the mood for me.

And I listen to Edgen's music when I type my stuff. That's good shit.
10:33 am | May 6, 2004
im personally glad neo died :D
but agent smith was a pimp and
shoulda took over everything
2:00 am | May 6, 2004
That was excellent. U have some serious talent for an 8th grader dude.
12:43 am | May 6, 2004
No, but you mentioned I suck once or twice.
CoLd BlooDed
12:03 am | May 6, 2004
Did I mention Neo sucks?
CoLd BlooDed
10:44 pm | May 5, 2004
Well, I'm happy I helped influence you, it's always good when someone says that. It'd be great if you tried again. But if it's too painful, don't bother. ;)
10:35 pm | May 5, 2004
Really coLd, cause u influenced my current series Sergeant Vick. I wanted to do a Flood story and u were the reason why. I'm almost finnished with the second to last part of it. yea sorry i mean i don't know why i couldn't finnish. maybe i'll try again or something.

Nick Kang
10:08 pm | May 5, 2004
Oh damn is the next one out already? It feels like yesterday ch. 7 was sweeping the FF section. I don't have much time right now, but I'll read it as soon as I do.

CoLd BlooDed
9:52 pm | May 5, 2004
Ah, well, I understand. But don't give up on this series, there's still a little bit more to come.

And I'm coming out with a short story featuring an ODST squad, I'll make you proud with that one. Count on it.
CoLd BlooDed
9:41 pm | May 5, 2004
Thanks you guys. Helljumper, really? You couldn't finish?

Mr. Bill
8:18 pm | May 5, 2004
Attention to dtail is excellent- felt like an excert from a novel. I'm comming into ths series right here, so I'm unfamiliar with the plot- so I won't make any commens to that regard (the story does sound intersting though, and the characters caught me as quite strong).

Overall, I'd call this a very convincing and detailed work of fan fiction.

God job.
8:09 pm | May 5, 2004
i liked it
set a good mood
cant wait till the next one
still really cant believe the detail an eighth grade kid can put into a story
pure pimp
5:40 pm | May 5, 2004
it lost your usual skills, i kinda got bored reading it and stopped. sorry coLd i tried