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Comments for 'Makin' It Real (Comedy) Part 2 of 2'

9:00 pm | May 18, 2004
Man, too many coincidences in one day. Weird.
Nick Kang
11:29 am | May 7, 2004
Yup...12. Best writer in my classes(except one kid named Dillan but he moved).

1:50 am | May 1, 2004
Pretty good, gave me a few laughs. Did you read my newest story ?(The Deadly Mist)? It's from the Covenant perspective again, but this time it's from a Jackal's point of view instead of from an Elite, like you might be used to. Anyways, could you read it and tell me what you think?
CoLd BlooDed
10:51 pm | April 26, 2004
OMG Berconius, how did you know my name?!

Jokin', I'm fine with that, people only know I live in Canada and my name is Kale...

Thanks for reading. And really, Nick, you're only 12? Nice, that's when I started writing.
Nick Kang
12:05 am | April 24, 2004
He made me feel young...I'm only 12.

2:56 am | April 23, 2004
Sweet one. Definitely loved that semi-invincible Marines room. I don't have much personal experience with that in fan fiction but I could see it happening.

On the slightest downside, you may have exposed a wee bit too much info about yourself in the first part... You make me feel old and I'm only 15...

Nice one...Kale, O_o
Ross Becalick
7:30 am | April 22, 2004
Screwed to be sure, but entertaining all the same!
2:11 am | April 22, 2004
hey, our army(Canada)may suck, but wemake good BEER!! :)
CoLd BlooDed
12:09 am | April 22, 2004
Thanks for the reviews guys, and just remember, I'm allowed to pit the ODST's against the Canadian Army and make fun of them, because I'm Canadian. :P

Anyways, if you didn't know what Bottle Rockets, Roman Candles, and Mighty Mites are... they're all firecrackers, a perfect choice for Canadian arsenal.

Now Helljumper, what are your bets on the blind-3-year-old and an ODST (Tyson)? All my moneys goin' for the toddler.

*Winces as 3-year-old is thrown across ring*
Mr Revenge
10:44 pm | April 21, 2004
Yeah good thing i wasn't in the waitin room.Anyway great story man awsome!
10:42 pm | April 21, 2004
Helljumper, im waiting for you reply before I write another chapter.
10:30 pm | April 21, 2004
Like Cold said me=INVENICBLE. =P Good work man.
Nick Kang
10:28 pm | April 21, 2004
w00t! I was in the story! I got blown up twice and only had one line but I'm proud to be in a story!

CoLd BlooDed
10:01 pm | April 21, 2004
Thanks guys, and sorry for making such a mess of this comedy, but... what else should I have done? :P

w00t, FF is back online!
8:04 pm | April 21, 2004
I always say "aww hell nah, it's on!".

Good story. Poor teemus.
7:17 pm | April 21, 2004
Great work man! Very funny. (And for the record teemus, i think you did have the best part.)
4:55 pm | April 21, 2004
I like how u killed teemas that was funny, and having the ODST fight the Canadian army is like putting Tyson against a blind 3 year old kid (with Tyson being the ODST of course, i mean come on did u guys see the render from Halo 2, they are bad ass, i'm so proud)


Feet first into Hell,
hope they have airconditioning
MC's Cousin
3:25 pm | April 21, 2004
*MCC observes his barely visable, soot stained, clothes, as well as the damp area below his belt, and comments:*
"Damn, I've got to watch those explosions!" *waits to respawn*

See? I told you I was in the story! *MCC says happily, and curses again at MCC's tendency to talk about himself in third person*

Ha ha (MCC continues for an hour) and ha. I have to say I really enjoyed that one. Although it seemed a little jumbled, it was supposed to, from what I conjectured.

Ah, I was thinking about writing that from my point of view, but...hmmm... *MCC is still thinking*

Signing Off

1:19 pm | April 21, 2004
I think this is one of those things where it's only funny if I know about the people the characters are based on. But since I don't it didn't draw me in.
11:47 am | April 21, 2004
Hahaha, great work Cold. If you ask me, I had the best part. =P
someone that you dont know
11:38 am | April 21, 2004
Nice. Bizzare but nice and funny. Good thing I wasnt in the Random HBOers vaporiser room w00t!!!!! (suddenly realises what Someone That you Dont Know just said and begins to pray there isnt a "Makin it real part 3")
6:30 am | April 21, 2004
Curse those deadlines...
12:39 am | April 21, 2004
I get blown up in everything. Oh well. Things like this happen.
(Great story)