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Comments for 'Makin' It Real (Comedy) Part 1 of 2'

8:09 pm | April 7, 2004
Excellent. Loved it. Hey I live in Canada too! I laughed...not hard....kind of how you could laugh at the good one one se7en comics, you know, the ones that come about once every few decades. I would love to be in the next one...it would even be great if I was cast as a one-line stupid n00b. Anyway, you're always a good author, I wouldn't expect anything less. Great work.
2:54 am | April 5, 2004
Cold, shhh, have another glass of wine. =P Keep it up man!
CoLd BlooDed
1:48 am | April 5, 2004
CovieKilla? Who's CovieKilla? ;)

But seriously, dude, you haven't been here for a LONG time. Where'd you go? And are you coming back?
Remeber Me?
1:35 am | April 5, 2004
Wow....Who woulda thought I'd be back here...Havent written NEthing for a while...Well, I havent even read the story, but yeah w/e, hows it going CoLd, long time no chat lol...Keep it real guys...Im out. Peace.

3:45 pm | April 4, 2004
"Good comedy." I said. *waiting for CoLd to speak.*

"Thanks." Cold replied while thinking: "Maybe thats because you had lines." and look at me oddly.

As I did not dare to say anything more (remember: he's looking at me) I ensured I had praised him enough and ran away.

And now to the real comment:

Great, It had those things that made you think and then laugh. Not Fall-off-chair-laughing funny, but definately chuckling-continously funny.

Well done, and thank god Wu are not the same in reality as in your story(what would happen then, who knows?).
Nick Kang
3:07 pm | April 4, 2004
It was cool, I especially like the part where he shows the people the n00b marines that take out 20 eBay-bought Elites. By the way...*cough*I'm not in it*cough*

lol j/k
CoLd BlooDed
3:27 am | April 4, 2004
Thanks, Helljumper, and I know how much you love the ODST's, hell, I think those guys are awesome, too.

Glad you enjoyed the story.
2:15 am | April 4, 2004
"When . . . What . . . How did you get Elites?" stuttered Helljumper, "And those dudes better be ODST's, considering they're real and all."

i didn't understand the second part of what i supposedly said. Do I really talk about ODST that much. Come on u make it seem like all I write about are ODST. Ok well the second part is true, darn the whole thing is true. Come on look at the name, thats what i'm about. geez. I never said that ODST can kill Elites with their bare hands, i know they require boxing gloves for that.

I thought your story was funny, oh yea, i just submitted my new series. Yea sorry it took so long but it should be interesting. maybe u tell me

1:24 am | April 4, 2004
The funniest part was when you said, "You got elites on ebay....And you own e-bay?" That made me lol.

This is how you grow dude. Challenge yourself.
CoLd BlooDed
8:54 pm | April 3, 2004
Or were you? *ponders*
MC's Cousin
8:45 pm | April 3, 2004
Ah, my young padawan (who doesn't know he is my padawan, it's a subliminal secritive like thing)

You are welcome *MCC gratiously bows, very low, in fact he bows so low he looses his balance and lands his face on the cold, hard floor*

Ah, but yet you have to realize that you may not have included my NAME, or ment to anyway. But don't worry, I was there in this first one, and always will be.

Signing Off

CoLd BlooDed
7:35 pm | April 3, 2004
Haha, thanks for the review MCC and Mainevent. Rebuttal comedy? Pfftt...
7:15 pm | April 3, 2004
You are so close to a rebuttal comedy it's funny...very funny....*looks around -confusedly-*
MC's Cousin
2:31 pm | April 3, 2004
*MCC stares intently at CoLd BlooDed*


*CoLd stares back*


*MCC growls and bares his teeth (which odly resemble those of a Brute)*


*CoLd finally realizes that his fly is open, and so does MCC the favor of pulling up his zipper*

Ah, but really CoLd, I'm distressed. I didn't notice my name, or even my initials in there. Hmm...

Naw, just foolin', I like to fool. It was interesting. I found a certain amount of goodness in there. I like the portrayal of the HBO folks. Kinda. I thought it was funny, but maybe I'm just going insain...


P.S. By the way CoLd, you just think that you "forgot" to use my name or "did not bother" to put me in there...
*MCC laughs menacingly*

Signing Off

11:11 am | April 3, 2004
Same here 'Nosolee. Same here.
5:18 am | April 3, 2004
Nice. Creative. I will say that i didn't laugh a lot through it, but i still considered better than a lot of the attempted comedies.
4:19 am | April 3, 2004
It was good, but I dont know about the pants, boom box, and girly laughter. =P Cant wait till part two!
2:31 am | April 3, 2004
I don't really feel bad Hell Starter, I'm used to this.
Mr Revenge
2:15 am | April 3, 2004
Awsome i liked it cant wait till part 2
Hell Starter
1:37 am | April 3, 2004
Dont feel bad, Sentinal, I wasnt in their either. Yea it was f'n awesome I would have to say. Not much of a comedy though but it was good!
12:43 am | April 3, 2004
Anyway, will someone read my series "Earth's Destruction"? I kinda stopped writing it after the comments in my other FF comment sections got deleted. Thanks
12:39 am | April 3, 2004
Hasn't anyone noticed that it seems...deserted?
CoLd BlooDed
12:30 am | April 3, 2004
I thought I included you, 'Nosolee.

And I also forgot to put in the authors note that this really isn't much of a comedy, but just something cool that I made up. With a little humor, of course.

So next comedy I do I'll try harder.
10:26 pm | April 2, 2004
Very good, something was missing though...OH I KNOW! me...
9:29 pm | April 2, 2004
Um...Okay, I guess. I didn't really see much comedy in this. But I liked it. Great job Cold.