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Comments for 'The Breaking Point'

4:28 pm | April 2, 2004
thx for the advise
goin career :D
alread runnin 2 miles a day
and workin out every other day
but I wake up at 5:30
and go POOP right after school :P
The Collector
1:14 am | April 2, 2004
hey boot aint for kids. Odin i advise you really really excercise and get a good routine waking up @ 4:45 pm become regular with the head (u know schedule ur ... um... poop) run 3.5 miles avery 3 days to start. On the week before you leave for camp (ya camp) talk a buddy into walkin 46miles with you. I anit kidding thats what makes or break u. Good luck though. I past and enjoying a nice life of relaxation lol.
U going for 4,6,8,10 or career?
CoLd BlooDed
10:57 pm | April 1, 2004
Thanks MasterCD, and Odin, really? You're going to boot? Nice, I've always wanted to go to boot, but that might have to wait a few years, maybe when I turn seventeen. :P

Kitty Kat, thanks.
10:17 pm | April 1, 2004
Sure ill be in it.
10:06 pm | April 1, 2004
im leaving for boot camp
i enlisted in the Marines back in July
graduate may leave soon after that :D
8:53 am | April 1, 2004
Ooooh, excellent stuff! It almost makes me feel sorry for the Elites. I mean, it's not like they're impervious to pain, emotionally and physically. Loved the ending, very, um, very, oh, I don't know. Very good!
Kitty Kat
5:58 am | April 1, 2004
Nice way to post a piece of shit.
CoLd BlooDed
1:01 am | April 1, 2004
Cool, just got my next TSTS posted. Thanks for editing, Hawk! :D
CoLd BlooDed
10:42 pm | March 31, 2004
Thanks! And yes, it was based on the level "Keyes", I wanted to do this one for awhile, because when I got to that certain point I thought it would make a really cool fan fic.

Thanks for reading. And Odin, what are you doin' over summer? :)
The Collector
9:52 pm | March 31, 2004
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* is all i got 2 say about this ;) Well written and extremely gripping. I felt like i was there with Traku while he defended that one particular area. Man it takes great talent to give depth to something that has been done. But even greater talent to make it more engrossing.
Nice ending at adding the MC on his way to retrieve key (which i assumed was what was going on since thats the only time the flood were on the Truth & Reconcilliation)
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
Damn good work
Dont dissapoint me in the future though all, ill be extremely critical as well ;}
Hell Starter
9:50 pm | March 31, 2004
I havent read it, but I will get on top of it later tonight! Im busy posting on the seventh column right now and I have church later. Sounds like everyone is loving it though.
8:45 pm | March 31, 2004
seriously i got like two ppl readin my stuff
havent seen main, walker, shade, helljumper, dispraiser, anyone in like forever

guess theyre waitin till summer :)

i wont be here this summer
ive got better plans :D
CoLd BlooDed
3:36 pm | March 31, 2004
Thanks Odin and Flu for the review . . . and Pooman for the rating. ;)

Now where are all the other readers? :P
12:50 pm | March 31, 2004
awesome job
ur just an awesome writer
congrats man
11:51 am | March 31, 2004
Good job, I guess the more you writ e the more you learn.

Oh, and, I'm writing an application to a creative writing program, and am using my experiences here at HBO as "what has inspired me to write" ;)
11:22 am | March 31, 2004
I agree with MT, this was one of your best works yet. Keep it up Cold!
3:41 am | March 31, 2004
3:25 am | March 31, 2004
You are breaking into another level - again. There's a bit more depth here. Once again...consistently very good!
CoLd BlooDed
12:54 am | March 31, 2004
That's really cool too, 'Nosolee, and say, do you want to be in my comedy that I'm making? (We all go to HBO for a tour because Wu called us ;P).
CoLd BlooDed
12:16 am | March 31, 2004
Thanks a ton you guys. :D
9:25 pm | March 30, 2004
A heart pounding descriptive battle sequence with plenty of excellent bursts of adrenaline throughout. Loved it.

The end is perfectly fitting, and the quality of your writing is maintained through out. Character depth was deep enough to satisfy and - although I tripped on the names a few times - the Elites were portrayed in a typically great Halo fashion.

I think this is one of your best work.

Thanks for the read.
5:49 pm | March 30, 2004
Good story. I will rate this later.