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Comments for 'For The Better Cause'

CoLd BlooDed
9:38 pm | March 21, 2004
Sure, you can, once I get a new e-mail address, my other one was hacked. Fuck man, when people impersonate you and start being assholes to your friends, you can't help but feel helpless.

P.S: I'll give you the email once I create it.
Jon M
5:48 am | March 10, 2004
I heard that. =D If you guys don't want to hear the voice of experience, that's fine by me. (j/k)

But.... As the ranking old man....

Oh nevermind. I had a huge tirade all written up and even reworked Cold's poem with notations about rhythm an all the things I typically complain about. I'm just too tired right now and don't want to piss you all off.

If you want Cold, I can email you about this poem. It's got issues.
3:06 am | March 10, 2004
Glad to hear it. There may yet be more of the old breed still around. Me and my friends are gonna make a movie and me and apache119 are writing the script so ther just isn't time for me to write fanfiction but i will be back.
A.P.N JJiggssaw
1:12 am | March 10, 2004
Pretty good, but I like poems with a little more depth. At least Mr. Rythm & Metre (Jon M) can't complain. Not bad.
CoLd BlooDed
11:35 pm | March 9, 2004
I'd be mad if 'Nosolee had left the FF world... I need inspiration, dammit! :P
6:20 pm | March 9, 2004
No, monitor, no, I'm still lingering around these parts.
CoLd BlooDed
12:29 pm | March 9, 2004
This one seems more like a song, sing it and you'll find out. Or hum it to yourself, whatever. :P
12:24 pm | March 9, 2004
Once again you pull through with another awsome poem.
2:26 am | March 9, 2004
The only one writer that is still here. 10/10. I liked it!
1:59 am | March 9, 2004
I liked that. It did sound like a song kinda, but thats not bad at all.
Thomas Harper
10:54 pm | March 8, 2004
nice approvment =:) much better than mine that i just posted thats out rite now call As Far As I Could See.
9:00 pm | March 8, 2004
Wow theres tons of great poems in here, I love this place! Nice poem, but I read better!!
7:00 pm | March 8, 2004
Gr8 work, I like it alot...ur poems keeep getting better and better.
4:20 pm | March 8, 2004
ooooo, cant give him the extra .1 points, or even the .05 points to round, its like getting a 99.44449 on a test. Ouch, lol.
2:51 pm | March 8, 2004
Good, the flow was good, but not the rhyme scheme, or... more correctly, the changing of the same.

Except the rhyme scheme, this one was flawless. If I have to give a number (I feel i have to, with my comment), and 8.9/10 feels as the right one.
2:39 pm | March 8, 2004
Very good, slightly choppy, but still worthy of a 9.5/10. ;)