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Comments for 'The Strive to Survive (Chapter 4: An Unexpected Heroine)'

CoLd BlooDed
12:13 pm | March 9, 2004
Very good, it'll be perfect for the sixth chapter. :P
7:18 am | March 8, 2004
Yeah, maybe even the end of the level, I think. But that's not the point, that level is simply the same all over it, looks the same, feels the same, no vehicles, nothing else than hallways, 343GS's humming, only lots and lots of flood to fight...

Does this sound good to you, CoLd?
Thomas Harper
12:47 pm | March 7, 2004
wow....i felt like i was actually there.
CoLd BlooDed
7:59 am | March 7, 2004
Library is only hard at the beginning...:P
7:23 am | March 7, 2004
Damn, CoLd, i read through this story again, and it almost makes me wan't to play the Library.

MC's Cousin
8:17 pm | March 6, 2004
Very good. I really couldn't fins a whole lot of mistakes in there. I liked it, and will keep reading. Wait a minute...nah...

Signing Off

CoLd BlooDed
12:09 pm | March 6, 2004
Thanks a ton guys, these posts make me feel are warm inside. :D
3:18 am | March 6, 2004
I loved it, it did fit in with that music clip you sent me. =P
10:38 pm | March 5, 2004
Great story, in the name of honesty I didn't expect anythign else from you, but this little bit of text did actually exceed my ecpectations.

Excellent work!
8:03 pm | March 5, 2004
Someone say mistakes? Where? *twitch*
Lone Wolf
6:04 pm | March 5, 2004
Listen there are few, very few, stories on here that are worth reading, stories that really draw you in. Man I'm a tough critic, and hell, you managed to pull me in. The visuals were perfectly painted, the story flowed without any misteaks, and truely I would have found it difficult to do any better myself. Fantastic 10/10
5:30 pm | March 5, 2004
Wow CoLd good work, and u sure thats a female Marine not Fabio or Orlando Bloom? cuz damn thats sum strenght lol...
Jon M
5:24 pm | March 5, 2004
Is it just me or are you getting better? It trails of just a tiny bit at the end, but nothing serious. Consistently good work.
4:27 pm | March 5, 2004
Good one, wow, you can really write CoLd. I could have sworen I was there. That female Marine must be buff to drag a grown man that far with bullet holes in her and all.
CoLd BlooDed
4:05 pm | March 5, 2004
If you've played 343 GS on Legendary you'll realize how fast Marines go down by Infection Forms.

And there are only twenty or so Infection Forms at the end of 343, play it, you'll find out.
2:57 pm | March 5, 2004
Tis okay, but I think the marines could have put up a better fight before being infected. Well it's just my opinion