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Comments for 'Forced Betrayal (Chapter 6: Tears of Blood)'

5:35 am | February 26, 2004
Wow, it has really improved from your last ones in the series. Oh, I've read some of your new stories, and it looks like you don't need my help anymore :). You're getting good. Keep up the writing, and you will improve even more.
CoLd BlooDed
3:58 pm | February 5, 2004
Thanks for the comment, Walker. :D
1:39 pm | February 5, 2004
Ah... the plot grows thicker. Keep it up, Cold.

Semper Fi

12:56 pm | February 5, 2004
That was well writen, better then i thought. Dont try and pack to much info into the last two chapters, it may ruin the flow a bit.

Keep it up!
CoLd BlooDed
3:54 pm | February 4, 2004
Thanks Awacar, there is only going to be two more chapters, and I'll give you one word as a hint.

"Hijacking." :D
3:24 pm | February 4, 2004
I like the mood you creates in this story, it feels like this chapter is the best so far in the series.

Good work!