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Comments for 'THE RETURN (part 3 of 3)'

11:58 am | July 22, 2004
I might just do another series. I like drawing things out farther, creating more tension. When I kill someone off in a single episode story, big deal. But if someone dies in a series it means more. I'm considering a few ideas.

C.T. Clown
Red Ghost
11:44 am | July 22, 2004
Well, for the finale that was really good. I hope you keep on going with fan fic series.
Gold Elite
3:30 am | July 22, 2004
Nice. I liked the action, though a little . . . psycotic. Still, good as ever. By the way, Chuckles, check I my new story. I need an expert's opinion.
12:43 am | July 22, 2004
That's the last one. I hope you guys liked it.

C.T. Clown