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Comments for 'ONE LIVE GRENADE'

10:53 pm | June 30, 2004
Like I said in the other post, the title is the answer to Nate's question, "what is the difference between a fuel truck and a gas bomb?". Nate had stolen a grenade off one of the noobs who roughed him up and armed it (that metallic noise that Chuckles recognized at the end).

C.T. Clown
monkey butt
8:17 pm | June 30, 2004
awesome but what happens in the ending?
5:15 pm | June 27, 2004

Remember the title. When I wrote this to advertise a fragfest, the title, location and date would immediately follow the last line of the story. So when they read it, ONE LIVE GRENADE would follow the last line, which is the answer to Nate's question.

This change of format was hardest, I think, on my story MEMENTO.

C.T. Clown
4:14 pm | June 27, 2004
i dont really understands what happens at the end of this one
11:15 am | June 25, 2004
Salty Beans

Yeah, like you said :)
I had another ending (the one alluded to by Dave Luck in my story TEAMKILLER) where a single pistol shot ended it. Well, it would take three, not one, if they are wearing the MJOLNIR armor. I thought about it for that story, and short of them tossing off their MJOLNIR helmets in a fit of testoterone fueled bravada, there was not nice way to do it.

So, I accepted a consistency error to get the ending I wanted.

C.T. Clown
white grunt
11:02 am | June 25, 2004
great story as always
Dave Luck
8:47 pm | June 24, 2004
Great ending! Kinda like the one with the pistol shot at the end!

I love it!

Keep it up Chuckles!!
343 Salty Beans
8:06 pm | June 24, 2004
Interesting. Multiplayer FFs always are. Anyway...

How would Nate spit blood and teeth if he had a MJOLNIR helmet on? Did they take it off when Jack and Strafe got their revenge?