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1:09 am | January 16, 2004
Fascinating. I find that the continued efforts to write HBO poetry is amazing, and I am honestly stunned by how well such a catergory is coming along. Walker's epics, That Amok guy's raps (surprisingly deep and thoughtful for rap), Wado's engaging tales, Lance's writing art, and my nothingness...it's all good 'round here. Keep this stuff up.
10:30 pm | January 15, 2004
That was deep. Keep it up, man.
1:43 am | January 14, 2004
It was alright, not to great either.
Alpha Lance
11:14 pm | January 13, 2004
Hmm.... well, better luck next time, 'cause this is so-so.
3:00 pm | January 13, 2004
I asume that when you talk about her your refering to Earth.