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Comments for 'Wings of the Dead: Introduction'

Captain Rasc
9:51 pm | December 9, 2003
Due to problems that occured during the writing (i wont explain them) the name of the of the new unit is the Wild Aces (trust me it works better) also, I forgot to mentio a couple of facts an I will cover them now.
a)His rank is now Commander
b)He is in command of a base called Eagle Nest, which helps maintain order on the Halo.
c)His age is 23 (he was 21 in a Pilot's life)
d)He is one of the few people alive that were part of the UNSC
e)The fleet defending halo is known as the HHDC (HALO HOME DEFENSE CORPS) and is the largest of all the remaining human fleets (it consists of three destroyers, two frigates, and a heavy cruiser)
Captain Rasc
10:18 pm | December 4, 2003
Sorry I haven't written the first chapter yet, but my hardrive has gone haywire sso it will be a whil before I can post the next chapter, which is almost done. Thank you for your patience!
Captain Rasc
12:02 pm | November 19, 2003
I'm pretty sure I didn't press enter after that, but I'll work on it I guess.
10:38 pm | November 16, 2003
[indent]=indent, you didn't hit enter after this did you? just indent and start writing

and if two hard returns doesn't give you a clean line then you need a new comp
Captain Rasc
7:21 pm | November 16, 2003
Yeah, No matter what I do with spacing and other stuff to indent it neve works for some reason. I just don't get it. Anyway the guy was out for two years. I mentioned it in the Finale of the series before this (except I accidentally put months instead of years).
7:00 pm | November 16, 2003
Mainevent's got a point there, Captain Rasc.
4:25 am | November 16, 2003
It wouldn't hurt to space, perhaps indent in your next story.
4:09 pm | November 15, 2003
Intruiging... Earth and all her colonies fallen, people stranded across the galaxy, seperated... and resistance operating out of Halo... a few questions: how long was he out? Two or three years? More? How old is he? Et cetera, et cetera... hopefully more will be answered in Chapter One. I look forward to reading.

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