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Comments for 'A Pilot's Life:Chapter 7-The Resistance'

12:06 pm | November 14, 2003
I've only had a chance to skim the series so far - it's five past midnight and I have school tomorrow.

But, excellent. It's descriptive, hard hitting, smart - I really like what I've seen so far.

If you want to do a 'spin-off' of Halos and Rings as such, you're welcome. Though I would ask you to point out in the story that it isn't 'official' as such. I don't know if I could work your story into the canon of mine, but you're free to mention the characters, use the universe, etc. Just give me my credit ;)

I'll be back to read more of this later.

Captain Rasc
2:03 am | November 14, 2003
First of all I would like to say thanks. And I would also like to give you a way to (if you want) incorporate my character in the story: simply have someone (Aislinn or 'Tana would probably work best) on the colonized Halo. It's up to you, and if you do decide to do it, just remember that my character is a sort of shoot-first-and-never-ask-questions sort of guy and that he is fed up with the whole breeding program and what not.