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Comments for 'A Pilots Life:Chapter 6-Making a Stand'

Captain Rasc
7:45 pm | November 1, 2003
I would never try to fathom or understand the flood. Being a good Marine all my character would do would be to kill them and keep them from killing him and his friends. They do fit in a way for a few reasons:
A) I distinctly left the origins of the structure blurred, enabling me to later say it was created by the forerunners.
B) I didn't go down the elevator because that would provide an explanation as to where the flood were if or when I decided to introduce them.
C) I distinctly left out the characters involved in the Halo incident (The Master Chief and Cortana) because it would be more interesting if he encounters those characters AFTER he encounters the flood.

The only weak point would be how could you destroy the flood? I can't think of a way to destroy a planet and everything on it (I am hesistant to have the Covenant glass the planet, as my character would die and I was hoping to use him later.)
4:32 am | October 31, 2003
The flood are a grotesque, brutish and misunderstood race. If you feel you know exactly what they are and how to effectivly convey not only their physical grotesquities but also societal (I use the term society losely), then you should use them, but I feel that until Bungie depicts very clearly why and how they do what they do, most people should stand clear of them. If you use the 'don't ask don't tell policy', familiar to Halo easily, then feel free to use them.

In the end it all comes down to one thing, do they FIT in the fanfic?
4:18 am | October 31, 2003
I'm a total idiot please kill me i admit im a teenager who insults people for fun hehe!!!
Captain Rasc
1:43 am | October 31, 2003
I have a question for any one who may have read this: Should I incorporate the flood into this story?
I Want to but I hesitate to do so because I thik it may not work with the story.