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Comments for 'A pilot's life: Chapter 2 Fallen Angel'

Captain Rasc
10:05 pm | October 21, 2003
You are right about grammar and I am sorry about that. I know this isn't long too. But I would like to point out that a pilot would have better command skills, but they would relate only to airborne combat. Most pilots don't have the ability to effectivly lead ground attacks unless they have extra training or they have former experience in this field.
9:29 pm | October 21, 2003
I wonder if that one is long enough.
9:21 pm | October 21, 2003
Well, before they wonder about that maybe they should wonder about your GRAMMAR. There are many things that piss me off, but here is a few...

Fix those problems or you will piss me off.

FIx those problems or you will piss me off.

Characters that do not have human flaws.
Fix those problems or rist pissing me off.

And, finally, indecisiveness.

Early on, name your fanfic's calibur. Tragedy, Comedy, Irony, Romance. Those are it, there is no such thing as any of the others.

Most Halo fanfics are tragedies or romances. In a tragedy the Main Chacter fights a more powerful villain (or force) and learns something through their suffering.

In a Romance the main character is an almost "flawless cowboy", and still learns something from defeating an more powerful villain or obstacle (as is in the case of the traditional romance).

Once you have decided that, build a character. This character has to be a human *gasp* that readers can relate to. Readers generally relate easiest with a character who starts out weak, and gains some wisdom through his story. FOr example, a Marine starts off in a fanfic running from every conflict he gets into, but, for some reason (death of a friend or himself...) learns not to run, an stands up to fight for himself. This simple plotline has created a conflict (his fear), a resolution (gained wisdom) and a character that people can relate to.

Also, generally, pilots have better command skills than a GI of most ranks. GIs tend to just take orders, whereas it is often in the pilot's hands what to do on the ground, as they can see the ground and they can kill a lot of what they want to with airstrikes.

Flackfic Review of Five.
Nothing new here for the most part, plot is simply par, grammar is subpar, no use of HBO code.
Captain Rasc
1:23 am | October 21, 2003
Once again to alleviate confusion I will state that the main character of this story is a former marine. I say this because people may find it strange that a pilot is able to kill two Elites with ease, or in later chapters he commands ground forces with strategic skill not usually found in pilots. This is just so you don't say "How the hell does he do that?"