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Comments for 'War Is Hell: Prologue: The Hard Way'

1:01 pm | April 5, 2004
odd....on the Halo 2 renders page on T&R, it had a shot of the Battle rifle, and KAL 9.96mm was engraved near the bolt...not there anymore...hmmmmm..i know I saw it; ive seen forum talk about it...weird... i'll keep lookin.

O, and someone, he didnt fire almost 50 shots, I watched it and he fired 16 shots before he reloaded. You're thinkin of the SMGs.
10:57 pm | April 4, 2004
This alot to think about...I'll take this into consideration the next time I write another large epic battle.
System Failure
9:34 pm | April 4, 2004
Nice story. That said I agree with a bunch of other people that 100 Marines is too much. Other than that I like it.
Nick Kang
8:09 pm | April 4, 2004
I also noted a mistake in your meth, not that it matters. D-Day occured 608 years from the story, not 508.
MC's Cousin
5:31 pm | April 4, 2004
I'm afraid that I'm going to have to agree with Hell-"I'll kick your ass if you don't"-jumper. JK.
But really. You should research on the prper numbers and orders of military "stuff". Sadly to say, this time, I'm not posting here for you *hee-hee-hee*, this time, you can do the work for yourself.
Why?- you might ask. Well, it makes a story so much more realistic, and the majority of Halo is belivebly realistic. Just keep it with the mood.

Signing Off

4:30 pm | April 4, 2004
Yea no doubt that military protocal would have changed, but not that much. If you read the Halo books, like Halo the Flood, when u see the Helljumpers doing combat, their unit size is similar to today's. You can't have 100 Marines following only one Lieutenant and one platoon sergeant. Trust me, things like this really get people debating here on HBO fanfic. We had a long discussion on this in one of my stories in the in comments page.
I mean just think about it 100 Marines is a lot of people. YOu should have had like two companies assault the beach. that would be more believable is all i'm saying.

3:18 pm | April 4, 2004
7th Column...O_O Okay, yea. I am Nike. Used to be Nike. I changed names because my e-mail kept changing constantly but now it's permanent.

And Helljumper, I didn't know how many Marines are in a platoon. As I mentioned, two platoons of Marines were the first to storm the beach. So both platoons each have 100 Marines. I didn't want to have too small a number. Plus...this isn't meant to be real. Don't you think military proticol would've changed from today's?
7th Column (name subject to change)
12:32 pm | April 4, 2004
*I know. It's pitiful. I don't own Halo, and yet I come to this site, thinking I will be able to write a story about it.
This will be difficult...
7th Column (name subject to change)
12:30 pm | April 4, 2004
I know. It's pitiful. I don't own Halo, and yet I come to this site.
7th Column (name subject to change)
12:21 pm | April 4, 2004

Great story, "Burny", or rather, the being once known as "Nike". I look forward to Chapter One, "Taking The Bunkers".

BTW, I might be startin' a Halo story sometime soon, to send here. That task is slightly difficult since I don't have Halo or an Xbox to begin with.
8:20 am | April 4, 2004
Oh, and about how many rounds can be put in a magazine, that depends on many factors. It depends on the size of the mag, the size and length of the round, how the rounds are stacked in the magazine, etc. Also, a full power 7.62mm round is much more powerful than an underpowered 9mm round that you might find in a pistol simply because there is not as much powder behind the bullet, despite the fact that the 9mm has a larger diameter. Because of things like that, I'm still not convinced that the Battle Rifle fires 9.96mm rounds. Hell, I've never even heard of a round of that particular caliber. They'd have to be underpowered to fit so many into a clip and that angers me, because I'm looking forward to sniping with it. Whatever, i guess we'll all have to wait and see just what the rifle is like when Halo 2 comes out.
2:38 am | April 4, 2004
I liked it, even though i was wondering, where are the officers? They are important ya know. Plus a company doesn't have 200 Marine. Thats assuming there are two platoons in a company. thats 100 Marines per platoon. Thats way too much. There is probably between 20- 40 Marines in a platoon.

9:48 pm | April 3, 2004
Dude, stfu. Yer obviously trying to get people to not read my fic. People have already said that's good, so just..stfu.
5:33 pm | April 3, 2004
Total Shit, DONT READ!!!
3:34 pm | April 3, 2004
Alright, thanks. But as I recall from the E3 2003 demo, every Marine featured in the demo either used a Battle Rifle or an SMG. I will feature more variety i nthe next chapter.
Nick Kang
3:23 pm | April 3, 2004
Awesome story! Can't wait for chapter 1. I especially like the D-Day style invasion. I've always like D-Day.
MC's Cousin
2:47 pm | April 3, 2004
Well Burny, sometimes it does. It depends on how the cartriges are placed in the magazine.
Anyway, I would not give Battle Rifles to everyoe just because they exsist. If you remember in H:FS, the Battle Rifles had just come in, with the SPARTAN's new gear (armor parts). Put some variety in there and it would make it better.
Detail, combat is about detail. Don't drown us in it, but don't not use any either.

Pretty good for a first story, but you need to read the "direction" at the top of the FF submision form. You know, so you know how to use the code, OR ELSE.

Human Weaponness:

M6D Pistol: 12.7mm semi-armor piercing, high-explosive rounds; 12 shots per clip.

MA5B Assualt Rifle: 7.62mm armor piercing rounds; 60 shots per clip.

M90 Shotgun: 3", 8 guage shells; tube holds a maximum of twelve shells.

S2 AM Sniper Rifle: 14.5mm (14.5x114mm APFSDS) armor-piercing fin-stabalized discarding-sabot rounds; 4 shots per clip.

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher: 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive rockets; 2 shots per magazine.

M41 light anti-aircraft gun (LAAG): 12.7x99mm armor pentrating rounds; unlimited fire (in game).

Sub-Machine Gun (SMG): 5mm rounds; 20+ shots per clip.

Just a little reference material for you Berny. Of course if you forget, you can find almost all of that info in you handy Halo: Combat Evolved handbook.

Signing Off

1:46 pm | April 3, 2004
I thought the bigger the caliber size for the round, the less rounds there were in a magazine.
1:46 pm | April 3, 2004
I thought the bigger the caliber size for the round, the less rounds there were in a magazine.
grease monk2
11:49 am | April 3, 2004
this is really cool.i cant wait until the next chapter in the series.
5:00 am | April 3, 2004
Yeah, I thought that it fired 7.62mm round as well. I mean, it makes sense that way. The MA5B fires underpowered cartridges (like the AK does) so that it can fit many into a clip, and I assumed that the Battle Rifle would fire full-size 7.62mm rifle cartridges, hence the lower mag capacity and the increased power.
Oh, and it would carry more that 15 or 20 rounds. If you look, the MA5B is a bullpup rifle with the magazine going behind the trigger (it goes into the stock) explaining why it can hold sixty rounds. I think that the Battle Rifle is a similar design and I estimate (If they are full-power 7.62 or underpowered 9.96) that it can hold somewhere around 40 rounds in a clip (You can flame me later if I'm wrong) :)

Great job, I'll be waiting for your next one.
1:05 am | April 3, 2004
i know the E3 Demo is early in the build, but if you count he fires almost 50 shots in a row without reloading in the Battle Rifle, then it goes to the movie with the elites...
12:54 am | April 3, 2004
Great job for your first.
10:48 pm | April 2, 2004
Thanks. I didn't know it was 9.96mm ammo...that would mean it would have to be pretty large. I mean, modern weapons like the AK-47 fire 7.62mm ammo and it holds 30 rounds to a magazine. Would that mean that the Battle Rifle holds--what?--15 or 20 rounds.

Just something I wanted to point out...but btw, it took me thirty minutes to type but I had already written it out. *types up Chapter 1*
10:30 pm | April 2, 2004
Very nice, considering you typed it in 30 mins...

One tiny little detail to point out, and forgive me if this is picky, but the Battle Rifle fires 9.96mm ammo, not 7.62, says so on the gun.

sorry, but I had to point that out.... its the little details that can make a good story into a great story, IMHO
Other than that, though, superb job, considering it's your first story.
It gets a 9.7/10/
Keep it up.
8:09 pm | April 2, 2004
Here it is, people. My new story. This took me around 30 minutes to type yesterday. Expect me to submit Chapter 1 either late tonight or tomorrow morning.